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Extra lights for visibility - think of these....Photon Blaster

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by steve-waters, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Guys,

    I am keen on the idea of some driving/extra lights on the bike for visibility - in particular giving the drivers a couple of reference points to judge speed with.

    Have seen some very expensive driving type lights but then just stumbled across these

    Photon Blaster

    and also their

    P3 rear lights

    Would the front be better in white or yellow?

    Anyone have these?

    Seen them?

    Have an opinion on these or advice on others I should be looking at?

    The lights I want are for me to be seen on my commute not necessarily to make it easier for me to see at night.

  2. Some years ago I was in an industrial accident and had both eyes burnt by a switchboard explosion. It stung a tad. There were a few lasting results. I now how 20-20 vision again after needing mild reading glasses for some years and I can't tolerate glare. Poorly adjusted headlights/not dipping and people leaving fog lights (only legal when used INSTEAD of main lights during weather conditions which cause reduced visibility) on all the time being the main culprits. Many people don't realise that having bright lights in your face while driving or riding, even in broad daylight, causes accelerated fatigue. In my case it happens even faster and gives me nasty headaches. Good sunglasses help but don't completely eliminate the problem.

    Please be considerate when you're adding additional lights to your ride and make sure you're not glaring oncoming traffic. If they get dazzled they can lose control of the vehicle.
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  3. Wow - definitely sounds like the best option I've seen for this kind of thing. Have been looking for something exactly like this for a while.

    For visibility I'd go for white over yellow - seems brighter to me.

    I'll definitely be adding these to my wish list.
  4. Rears. - yes
    Front - no
  5. Heard about them, never seen them in the flesh. Worth looking into but don't bank on being seen.
  6. The tail light set looks interesting.

    I second the caution to avoid dazzling other road users with extra bright headlight sets. That been said, the triangle light setup is noticeable, and it's increased conspicuity is backed by research from the USA I believe.
  7. Flickering front lights? You'll get noticed alright.

    Forget it.

    Do a search on here for recent discussion on daytime running lights and the road rules regarding them.
  8. It sounds like these flicker so quickly it's not detectable when looking straight at the lights - only when it's in your peripheral vision. Kind of similar to what a fluorescent tube does when it's on its way out.

    I could have sworn I saw something in the ADRs that said flickering was OK as long as it was above a certain frequency, but I can't find it anywhere now. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. Or maybe I misread it before...
  9. According to the description, that's the case, but they don't say the rate, although it could only be within a fairly narrow range.

    It's easy to envisage how bright flickering lights in your peripheral vision could draw your attention away when it shouldn't, like a bike on a side street stopped to give way drawing a driver's focus away from what's happening in front of them at an intersection, for instance.

    In any case, there are pretty strict rules about such lighting, and and these are referring to the U.S. as well as not having any Australian dealers listed, nor any ADR approval I can see.
  10. How many rows of lights can you have beside your number plate with this get up?? Could you have three rows on each side for example??

    I'm sure I've seen number plate lighting devices at autobahn so they're not unheard of in Aus.
  11. I understand and agree about dazzling drivers - looking at the videos I have found I don't think they are that bright nor do they have reflectors to focus the beam to a great intensity they would throw more an area type illumination and are more attention catching.

    I think some of the driving type ones I have seen would need to be aimed carefully as they are quite strong and have good lenses and reflector built in.

    I do think the rear ones are a bit more what I am chasing I think they would be pretty good - pretty sure will get of them next pay.

    I may even give the fronts a crack whilst not the be all end all I think the design idea has merit.

    Cheers for the replies...
  12. I've seen a few people mount LED lights to their forks for off road use (very light housings plus shine the direction you're headed). For that they look very good. For ON road use I do love good solid lights, but being vulnerable to shitty, glaring headlights and shitty headlight aim (EB and later Ford Falcons lose badly on both counts but it's not exclusive to them by any means) I pay particular attention to how mine are set up.
  13. Steve, I don't know you from a bar of soap, but if you kick off a conversation with this skene mob, I'd be interested in tacking on because I have a potential broader application for the P3's and we might be able to save on some postage if they send over two kits. If you get serious (I'm not yet as motivated as you lol), drop me a PM and we'll coordinate details.

  14. I know the exact phrase used by the RMS (previously RTA) in nsw is the use of lighting that dazzle's other road user's in anyway is strictly illegal.
  15. It's really mainly the front ones that irk me with all the gimmicky flashing modes, one which looks like hazard lights flashing, and the turning mode having out-of-sync flashing with the standard indicator while the one on the other side stays on.

    It looks like a roadworks site, not to mention confusing the issue for other road users with Spielbergesque lightshows.

    Front or rear running lights of the type that we have here and are legal are effective and strike about the right balance to me.

    Their rears seem more apt, but still also get into too many different types of emergency vehicle-like flashing nonsense that road authorities aren't going to like.

    You'll be conspicuous in a Las Vegas sort of way for sure, but I'm pretty sure it would be at the expense of other people on the road in less-than-rare situations.

    There is a decent swag of options locally, with the bigger ranges I've looked through being from:




    There's plenty of good stuff in categories like the truck and work light sections, as it happens, with the construction/work light category having a lot of 12v dust and weatherproof gear on offer if you're interested in any bright and even some quite compact night-brightening options.

    Places like Autobarn, SCA, Repco and such have some of the stuff, but not nearly the full ranges. Some truck/trailer places also carry a fair range of running lights and the like in assorted sizes and colours.

    There's plenty on offer if you poke around, especially in those non-car listings.
  16. There are also terms for when you can use and where you can mount fog lights, driving lights, additional brake lights, indicators, clearance lights etc. I got hold of a copy of the standards some time ago to make sure the driving lights on my ute were all well within regulation. There are an awful lot on the road that don't even come close.
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  17. I've got white LEDs mounted under the mirror brackets. Got them from supercheap. They don't throw light but appear brighter than my headlight from any angle other than straight ahead, if you are looking at them (& they point forward). On the rear I have some trailer combo brake lights (also LED) these are the same height as my licence plate so sit both sides of that on a piece of ply. The rear looks a little odd now but it was great when I needed a spot for a P plate and rego there as well. All from super cheap auto and less that $70 all up (if I remember correctly).
  18. Seeing as you're in Vic, you'll find that you'll need written permission from VicRoads for anything other than ADR approved DRLs and fog lights if you have any interest in staying on the right side of a roadworthy argument. We went over it in this thread.

    If you don't care, then my advice would be to get a copy of the Australian Road Safety Vehicle Regulations (NOT the Victorian one) on your phone and become familiar with Part 8, Division 19. Practice your oratory, perfect your response to the "attitude test", smile and be generally pleasant in your earnest argument that you're only trying to enhance safety for you and your fellow road users according to your understanding of Part 8, Division 19. It's not how I prefer to meet new people, but one may as well make the best of things. ;)
  19. I'd seriously question their legality of these especially when you consider that headlight modulators are legal but need to meet specific requirements - frequency, on/off switch, not able to operate at night etc.
    If you go for anything then go for a headlight modulator. Some of the kits seem better than others. I'd go for low beam modulation only.
  20. I've been stopped for breath tests and they were inspecting some cars pretty closely at the same time and had no problems. White at the front and not being "dazzling" is the vibe of the rules -- ie if you can look at them without it affecting your vision.