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Extra late notice ride today Sat 23rd

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Roarin, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. Going for a bit of a spin on the KTM again. Somewhere in the hills between Dandy & Warburton. I will make it up as we go :grin: :grin: I'll be leaving the Servo on the corner of Stud & Wellington rd at about 11:30am if anyone wants to join in a bit of corner ripping fun.

  2. Well -another sensational days riding was had :grin: Roads were about 99% dry and it was actually sunny out Warburton way :) No need to head to the mountains to see snow -there was enough for my liking on the side of the road between the top of Reefton & Lake mountain :shock: :shock:
    The Black spur is nice & dry so a few laps were in order there as well. Footpegs are now missing a little bit more metal :LOL: :LOL: Hardly any traffic either. Cheers all
  3. ah damn andy must of just missed you a few of us were p there saturday morning.... porbably didn't get there till about 11.30-12.00 and certainly didn't get passed by and lonney riding a ktm...

    Yep it was pretty nice up there, except for a loose throttle grip which made the sv feel like a 250 leaving turns :oops: was impossible to get any decent drive leaving turns :mad: