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Extra late notice ride today 9th November

Discussion in 'VIC' started by GOOSH, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. well since i dont post about my rides. i thought i'd give it a go.. as always happens, it always turns out to be very late notice... so current 12.40am so you never know, someone mite read this and come along..

    Details: Meet @ McDonalds on corner of Maroondah Hwy and Springvale Rd at 9 AM for 9.30AM departure...

    no need to know where you going.. just make sure you prep yourself for a biggish ride....

    i'll call it a class 4 ride.. due to distances being covered.. expect nothing less that heaps of kays...

    if you can do 700kms in a day and ride for say 10 hours, then i will see you at the meet point..

    and if your a learner.. please dont so up.. i'm not being mean, but this ride aint for you... for the others, keep practising smaller rides and when you get better you can tag along..

    thats all..
    see you there
  2. signing on for the remote weather dude duties... 06:23 of the am and all is dry... alas no ride due to work..
  3. thanks al.. sucks to be working, but someone has to do it....
  4. didnt get the message till too late man, and i wouldnt want to be doing that massive ride without knowing the bike would make it. took it for a test run today, and all seems good. hope you had a good one.

    did you do the ride you showed me on monday night? all of it? how many k's it turn out to be?
  5. just thought i'd give an update. So far 455kms and i'm no where near home. Bout another 4 hour away. Minimum
  6. i would of come, but i woke up at 11:30...
    and my 250 would of slowed you down...
    look forward to photos...
  7. I went, on my 250 :p didn't slow the guys down too much (they were pretty accomodating on the highway sections, doing 110ish...

    Pulled out around 2.30 though, had to get back home and work. But still managed to cover 700 km in the day! 250 were down the Hume though... plus the 3km splitting traffic coz of road works :LOL:

    Good ride though Goosh, where'd you guys end up eventually?
  8. 700+ kms in a day? GOOSH ur mad! lol
  9. Myself and 2 mates managed 600km over 10hrs today!
    Feeling a bit sore.. longest ride ive done by FAR....
  10. well i'm home now.. thanks to the guys who came along.. much better having someone else to ride with then alone with the sort of distances covered..

    in summary....
    i left home at 8.30am, got home at 10.50pm
    average speed of ride was 82km/h
    door to door km were 828.5km
    and ride time from meet point to home was 9hrs and 51min..
    thats what my bike tells me..

    so thanks again guys.. and to those that missed out, unlucky, maybe next time..
  11. Thanks for leading Goosh, was an awesome ride. I think my chain, sprockets, brake pads are officially done after that one!

    I'm still pissed off about the -1 point on my license for pulling out of the servo and not checking speed. :evil: Sigh.

    Looking forward to doing it again, will remember to bring my clear visor next time! :)
  12. What happened??? Did you get booked after I left or something? Did you guys come back on the Hume? Did you hit a lot of traffic just outside of Cragieburn?
  13. nah we didnt take the easy way out.. came back the same way we came... was heaps fun.. Yea back to the city in the dark...
  14. It was a fantastic ride. Thanks for leading Goosh! Looking forward to the next one and i'll see you at the next ride! :)
  15. just to sum it all up was a hoot of a ride the longest ive done even with the off riding into the sun on a 40 km/h bend but 10 Hr's and and 800+ k's awsome effort