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Extra hp

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Rolski, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. Looking at buying an arrow exhaust for my cb500f, their claiming it will give you an extra 3.5 hp, excuse my lack of mechanical knowledge, but will I notice the difference in power??

  2. Hi Rolski, i recently put an IXIL exhaust on my CBR500R, not sure what they claim as a performance increase, only noticible change as far as I'm concerned is exhaust note and volume......don't think I'm going any faster..
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  3. You'll probably think you can feel it. In reality eating fewer Big Macs will probably do more.

    But it will sound better...
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  5. Whoa be carefull the xtra power will have the front wheel pawing in the air and the rear squirming under the explosive power that will be unleashed!:sneaky:
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  6. Your going to need to get the bike tuned if your installing a full system.!
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  7. claims claims claims
    less big macs will give you a better out come
  8. 3.5hp all the way along the curve may be noticeable... (3.5 on 15 or 20 is a decent jump, but not likely)

    3.5hp extra for the last 500rpm, will make buggerall difference

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  9. Thanks, doesn't really bother me, I was just curious :)
  10. Thanks Davel, those ixil look good, u happy with it?
  11. Unless horsepower gains are in the order of 25 -30 % and be a dead certainty to achieve, not to mention the cost involved.

    It's usually way better to change bikes if you are looking for more power, particularly in the sub 50hp area.
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  12. Rolski, only had the IXIL for a couple of weeks, so far happy with it :) went for the hyperflow...
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  13. If u don't mind me asking, how much did that cost ?
  14. Hey Rolski - I didn't mean to downgrade your idea of changing exhausts.

    There are several reasons why someone might want to change from the stock exhaust including weight reduction, wanting the bike to sound like you think it should sound or even just how it looks. All honourable. Any horsepower gain can and should be be seen as a bonus.

    If you are serious about power gains, then it can be had, but changing the exhaust alone for that reason alone generally represents fairly poor value. Minor changes in performance only are available, and performance may actually be reduced by fitting an aftermarket exhaust.

    Nonetheless, people do tackle motorcycle improvement who are prepared to pour money and time into it like its a yacht and can and do get what they want and can learn a lot about motorcycles in the process and might regard it as good value on the basis of what they have learned and experienced. It can be very gratifying. They rarely get their money back.

    On the basis of straight out economics, it doesn't make sense, BUT if pleasure is derived, then that is a different thing.
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  15. Paid just under $310 including postage, got the chrome one, black was around $100 extra. Got it from the screaming demon/IXIL website, good to deal with, fast postage from WA. Included a free puncture repair kit with the deal they had going.
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  16. Thanks for the info mate, might look into it .
  17. I can't help thinking that you have skilled up and now you want a bigger bike. If you change the exhaust at say $300 you will then need to get it retuned on a dynometer because your fuel mapping won't match any more, and then theres the cost of what ever it takes to fix that......you might have some change from a thousand. It might be easier to start looking for a bigger bike.
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  18. Don't


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  19. The answer is, "it depends". As Oldcorrolla points out, if it's all at the top, the only way you will notice it will be if you are currently using all of the rev range in higher gears. I doubt you are doing that on the street.

    Even then you may not notice it, because you need at lease 5% more to have a chance of noticing and 10% more to be sure.

    The follow on question would be; "What is happening to the power at the usable rev range?" So I'm guessing you'd be spending a lot of time between 2500 and 7000 rpm. The pipe may be giving you more than 10% at points in that range. In which case you would notice it. It may, however, be loosing power in that range. You really need to see back to back dyno charts to make a call.

    And then the question is, what needs to be done to the FI, if anything?

    A lot of people laugh at figures like 3.5hp, but if it's filling a hole around 20hp, that's a very significant change in the way a bike performs. So find out more.
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  20. The exhaust will be lighter and maybe open it up a little however its unlikely to feel radically different, at-least not without a good tune and ecu reprogram.
    If you like the way it looks and sounds then great.

    If you want more acceleration off the line then fitting a larger sprocket on the back may do the trick and bring the bike into power a little more.
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