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Featured Extra Health Mobile (Hearing Protection - Earmold)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by iClint, Dec 17, 2014.

  1. Many people, particularly younger people don't understand the importance of protecting your hearing.

    Unfortunately it is to late for me years of motorcycling and working in noisey environments has permanently damaged my hearing, So I do everything I can to protect what I have left.

    I want to give a plug (no pun intended) to Helen from Extra Health Mobile. She provides a number of services but one of them is supplying custom made earplugs.

    I'm here now and have just purchased 2 more sets of plugs. I still have the pair she made me several years ago and they still look like new but wanted a spare set and another set without the speakers.

    Many people fear they won't be able to hear what's around them while wearing earplugs. Quality earplugs like Earmolds will allow you to hear what's going on not only while stopped, but even at highway speeds.

    The other advantage of using earplugs is listening to music or using phone/intercom setups at highway speeds and hear it just as clear as when your not moving, without having to turn the volume up to damaging levels to be heard above the wind noise.

    Long distance riding is also great when using ear plugs - Reduced fatigue, ride longer, no ringing ears after a long ride.

    Extra Health Mobile is located in the sutherland shire but also turn up in their mobile setup at different bike shows.

    I can highly recommend Earmold and more importantly Helen From Extra Health Mobile she is great to deal with and knows her stuff.

    Call Helen on 0411 186 989 and arrange a time to get your custom made earplugs.

    $65 - Available in a range of colours


    These are my first pair of Earmolds Helen made me at the time they were a custom job I asked for with a much shorter lead and no volume control, intended for use with a Helmet intercom system. This configuration is now standard.

    How are these better than disposable earplugs, or noise cancelling air earphones?
    - These plugs are made for YOUR ears so they are a perfect fit and very comfortable to wear.
    - They do not become uncomfortable after a few minutes much like disposable plugs as they expand in your ears.
    - They won't fall out of your ears as you put your helmet on or while your riding.
    - While some might think them expensive if you look after them they will last you years, and over time become more economical than disposable plugs
    - Noise cancelling head phones are great for listening to music but not so good at protecting your hearing, quite simply they are not designed for this purpose.

    Typical noise levels at speed inside your helmet can be around 98dB exposure to these levels for more than 15 minutes can lead to permanent hearing loss.

    My only affiliation with Extra Health Mobile is as a returning, happy and satisfied customer.
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  2. Got my earmolds made a few weeks back and can vouch for how much better they are.
  3. As above, had them for ages and still like new.

    Any plugs are better then no plugs, so much clearer with coms, even if it is with a different speaker in your helmet.
  4. Hear Hear!

    Pay attention now, or you won't hear much in the future...
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  5. Tinits is not good, ringing is annoying.
  6. yes, I've developed a degree of white noise deafness thanks to years of riding bikes to work. I can hear alright in normal circumstances, but if there is any white noise in the background, my hearing ability dramatically reduced

    It's got to the point where I am antisocial at parties etc, because the effort of having a conversation is just too hard.

    I will be looking at these for the future. And I would advice anybody thinking of riding regularly to do the same.
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  7. Sorry to dig up and old thread.

    I just went to the website for one of these as I am very interested and it appears to be for businesses, they will come to your workplace and make them on site. Can you just go to them and have it done? There is only 1 of me, not a business.
  8. I got mine made a couple of years ago at the Melbourne Motorbike Show.
    Earmold have agents all over the place. Check out their "Contacts" page, you might find one near you. Just give them a call, and make an appointment.
  9. One of the problems is that in the ear phones can deliver music at a level which is as bad for your hearing as the bike noise you are trying to protect from. Loud speakers in a car is bad enough but music right up to your ear is very powerful. Use with caution. My hearing is already shot from Jet engine noise.
  10. MpfprocessMpfprocess look up CUSTOM MOLDED EARPLUGS or LugGuards on the auction site. Make two sets for $30.
    I'm guessing you could just add speakers to them as you make them if that's what you need.