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Extend your right index finger and thumb..

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by bangalla, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. And hold it to you forehead.....

    I failed my riding test today :oops:

    The tester told me that I didn't have my blinkers on early enough or for long enough, so it's back to the RTA in a week and a half.

    Cest le vie
  2. Ouch :!: Looser :p :LOL:

    Ah well, chin up!

    That's a valuable lesson you'll never forget, and it may just save your skin one day.
  3. Bad luck mate. Sounds like you didnt disagree. When I did many many moons ago a lady failed because she left hers on. :oops: She actually turned them off but quite a while after she made the turn.
    So dont go to far the other way either.
  4. Hey Dave

    Dont stress yourself too much
    like jts said its a lessen you wont forget
    so next time you will pass with flying colours

    and remember dont stress its only a bump in the road

  5. That's the irony, I'd been told that not cancelling your blinkers was one of the assessors favourite black marks so I was probably far too keen to switch them off.

    The city blocks that I had to ride laps around weren't very big, so I was concerned that if I didn't make it obvious that I was cancelling the blinkers between the corners and where I pulled up to the observer I'd be pinged for leaving them on.

    On the up side at least I know that there were no question marks over my technique, so there should be no problems next time. This sort of thing was my biggest concern going in to my test, I would have preferred something like the MOST where you get to do a practice run and the expectations are spelled out in black and white.
  6. Don't stress mate, blinkers just come as second nature over time but initially I ALWAYS forgot to turn em off.

    When I did my test we had a guy completely trash the bike at 40km/h. He was anticipating the lights soo much that when it cam he tried to swerve 2 directions at once :shock:
    Instructor said he had never seen anyone do everything perfect (he was good till then) and the F$%K up so bad :p

    indicating is not so bad
  7. blinkers are for Pussy's anyway.. you don't need 'em... what have they done for you lately.. I'll tell ya : Not Much, that's what!!

    Sorry, to hear it mate. Best of luck next time.
  8. I assume this was for your Ps? That's weird I had no idea you could fail on the ride out. Our instructor said it wasn't assessable, he just wanted to make sure we could operate the damn thing. Come the obstacle course we didn't need to use our blinkers at all.
  9. There's no rider training place in Albury so we just go to the RTA and they make us do a few laps around the block while they move around to different vantage points to assess us.

    It'd be nice if the test was clearly documented, I had been practising U-turns as I knew one would be required and became quite flustered when I had to do the U-turn from a standstill up against the curb rather than while riding along.
  10. Ahhh ok, I was about to ask the same question!

    Got through my MOST test on Sunday, so im sorry to hear it mate. You'll smash it next time though!