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VIC Expressions of interest - New Curriculum for Pre-Learners

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Chairman, Nov 8, 2013.

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  1. A heads-up for anyone interested...

    VicRoads is seeking expressions of interest from appropriately experienced providers, with suitably skilled personnel to be short listed to develop and pilot a new curriculum for pre-learner motorcyclists.

    Tenders will be invited from a short list of providers who will be selected on the basis of information provided in this expression of interest process.

  2. Thought this deserved a bump.
  3. The link is down
  4. Aye, the current one probably matches the NSW one too much, and, as an issue of state rights, Vic would want their learners to be taught differently.
  5. Actually the current Vic GLS and curriculum is different to NSW.

    My problem is that the Vic GLS proposes MANDATORY high vis for L platers and MANDATORY 3 year P's restriction with MANDATORY 3 year pillion restriction, with no option to prove competence for a shorter period of time and NO EVIDENCE to support the restrictions.

    I've looked through the available consulation and two of the least supported proposals was high vis and 3 year pillion restrictions.
  6. ...and this hi-vis rubbish is part of the curriculum?

    Bastards! I've just spent money on a hi-vis jacket, and now they want to devalue my jacket with all the L and P platers having the same.

    Hay, Justus, can I sue them for compensation? :)

    I was under the impression that the Vic pre-learners was pretty well lifted from the NSW one.

    Is it convenient for you to mention the differences?

    Also, BTW, and on a related topic, in Vic, assume someone goes for a pre-learners and completes the pre-learners course on a scooter, is their learners permit/licence valid for them to then buy and ride a regular motorbike?
  7. Currently you end up with a motorcycle license no matter what you train on. One of the changes with the revised GLS is auto and manual motorcycle licenses.

    NSW's operates an extended GLS, from my understanding. Vic is looking to take on many aspects of that setup, plus a staged on road check ride component. You can read about it from Vicroads Submissions and transcripts to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Motorcycle safety.
  8. Cheers and thanks, Rob.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.