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Explosive growth of Netrider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. I was talking to Davo on the phone last night, and he was saying how good Netrider is! I said that it was growing quickly too, but I didn't realise HOW quickly! Look at these figures.

    Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    2003 0 0 0 0 24 34 47 27 20 19 28 21
    2004 53 54 27 21 26 29 36 58 56 98 133 107
    2005 136 165 261 104 169 149 141 151 142 207 252 280

    December '05 has been a record month for new members; how good is that?!

  2. The interesting question Paul, would be how many are actually real an not imaginary friends and how many are supporting paid up members.

    Glens Christmas good wishes list showed up how many actually sign up and post, shit loads of no postings......
  3. Why wouldn't you pay membership? It's only $5 and the amount of info you pull from the site is excellent. We pay mag subscriptions which are heaps more and not as convenient.
  4. Yes, the 'Birthday List' at the bottom of the page reflects that too; I think lots of people get a rush of blood and join up and then don't carry through with any action.

    There's a heap of M/C-related forum choices, of course, and lots of riders join lots of them, and then settle on one as the main one.

    I think someone did a poll :shock: once on how many other fora people belonged to; some of our Netriders belong to six or seven others. That's got to dilute the posting level.

    Of course, if you believe the minority whinge, they don't post because there's people here who 'take up' all the available posting space; I'd love a technical explanation of that one day........
  5. As an example I post reguarly to the -:

    aus.motocycles news group as G-S
    OCAU Main Site (Folding@Home) as Geoff3DMN
    OCAU.MC (motorcycles) as Geoff-3DMN
    Whirlpool as Jabiru658

    and also occasionally on about 10 other web sites I have memberships for... in addition there are the IRC motorcycle chat channels.

    That spreads my posting thin enought that I'll never get anywhere near the post counts of the most active members at any of those 'virtual' locations...
  6. I still stick to what I said to Paul regardless of the 10% member posting which is about normal for a board.

    I post regularily to:
    My own GTR-AUS.com board
    Motorcycle Tourers Forum (MTF) on Delphi
    Concours on Delphi
    Wild Pelicans on Delphi (LDRiding group of which I am the only Aussie Associate member)
    Ironbutt.com (THE LDRiding association)
    Brisbanebikers (good bunch of riders)

    Plus others non related to bikes, one I own.

    I tend to go and participate in boards where the squid factor is low and the group is openly friendly and encouraging to new people. I ignore idiots and trouble makers. Years online have taught me many skills, turning your back on a looser is the best thing to do. This site seems to have a very low quota of those, low enough to ignore and focus on the good ones. The genuine fresh feeling I get here with what might be considered "dumb" questions on some boards is great. Most members take the time to actually answer what an experienced rider might see as a "dumb" question.

    Face it guys, we all had dumb questions or thoughts at one stage in our riding career.

    dats all
  7. It would be interesting to see that compared to the number of posts per month to see if the they are actually increasing with the number of new members.

    I am also on,


    <== 300 \:D/
  8. "All of the answers, to all of the questions" (Jimmy Buffett), are to be found here.
    Check out the difference between "Number of new posts by month" January '04 and January '05!!! Explosive may be too conservative a description.

    And congratulations on 300 contributions to Netrider!!
  9. Well I guess events like Motorcycle Expo etc. seem to show they work when it comes to awareness of Netrider. One important thing I have noticed is the increasing active members in NSW.

    Also advertisers seem to be supporting Netrider, so the whole process becomes a multiplication factor and it should grow at a much faster rate every month.

    We all would agree that Netrider has only touched the surface of riders nationally.
  10. Some people are just Gunners..............

    They are gunna pay the $5 at some point... Like me.... I am ashamed to say... I'm happy to pay for it... but dont have a credit card...... As soon as there is a show tent or something I will pay it in cash...
  11. i reckon its Hornet and his 600 personalities that have created this growth, get a life Hornet.
  12. Most people who know me reckon I don't have ANY personality, DuHast :LOL:

    But since the thread is about NEW members, I fail to see the relevance of the comment.......
  13. Speaking of personalities, how many bids did you get and was the outcome worth the pain.

    People need to know.....

    clever quote, I like it
  14. hehe poat counts. hehe
  15. he he POAT counts he he
    They all count!
  16. pfft you know what i meant.

    5 hours sleep here ok??!?! :LOL:
  17. Just kidding around, kid, you know that :grin:

    5 hour's sleep here too, but I'm on holidays, and I'm just about to head up to Sydney to buy a summer jacket like Loz's; can't wait.
  18. yeah i know.

    5 hours of broken sleep :(

    Im on pepetual holidays :LOL:

    And im not a kid! Im a big girl now!!!

    (thats what chocolate does to you :LOL:)
  19. It's all relative; I'm old enough to be your grandfather (erk, what a thought........)
    But the 'kid' reference was not patronising, just a term of affection and respect....
  20. i know that :p my claimation of being a big girl was... not true. heh.