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Explosion or brief relief?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Bugz, Apr 9, 2010.


    If a tall grossly obese man riding a NOS equipped Honda Blackbird had a
    head on collision with a Ford Louisville; would his leather suit:

    (a). "Explode" and scatter blood, blubber and leather everywhere?

    (b). Maintain its integrety and blow the goo out of the suits openings, like
    a brief relief of fire hydrants?

    (c). Other phenomena? (please outline your theories)
  2. Neither. The NOS blackbird would be going so fast it would slice through the PoS American penis compensator and keep going.
  3. Sharp tools those Blackbirds :)
  4. Sharper than the tool in the Ford...
  5. If exceeding the speed limit all hell will break loose.

  6. Is this purely theoretical or do you have an actual solution? (Or wondering if you should put NOS on a blackbird?)

    Cos I can't see the guy staying on the blackbird or his suit holding together, so a) I guess...
  7. Before I move this thread to a more appropriate forum, could you explain how the OP fits into the: "In the garage" forum and in the "Technical and Troubleshooting Torque - All things technical and/or troublesome. Mechanical, electrics, etc." subforum in particular?? No doubt you have a justification, so I'm letting you give it upfront... perhaps save you bashing mods in the process.


    As to your questions, does the NOS bottle remain intact or is it compromised by the head on with a truck? Seeing as BB's are already capable of 300km/h would NOS make any difference?
  8. Rob!!! Good questions!!!

    I put the post in the "Technical" forum as a NOS Blackbird has much technical content.
    The physics of a head on collision between the big Honda and a Ford Louisville has an encyclopedia of tech content.

    The Idea of a NOS BB is a bit of a laugh so feel free to move it to "Humour" if you have nothing better to do.... Knock yourself out.

    Ibast a Ford Louisville is an industrial vehicle. A popular base for cement mixers; not
    a "PoS penis compensater" as your baseless assumption sugests. 1970-1979-ford-trucks-1.
  9. It's not a garage question the way you've couched it though is it. Dark Humor might be a better fit. lol

    I could be wrong, but I've always thought that NOS is about short bursts of acceleration. A supercharger might be a better spend of your dollars - if you didn't find the BB already powerful enough... IMO anyway.
  10. Jeremy Clarkson described protective gear as having absolutely nothing to do with saving your life, but it makes picking up the pieces so much easier for the emergency teams because they're all contained in a convenient man shaped bag. :shock:
  11. Not my dollars Rob. I don't own a Blackbird.

    And you are the only one out of about 1/2 a dozen posts that has a problem with my choice of classification for the thread. Don't be a pedant all your life.
  12. you should get one and nos it
  13. some times you can have an explosion that cause relief in the briefs.
  14. For now I will stick with my Crim Slick, lighter, faster, better handling and braking and much better looking.

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  15. No one else who posted is tasked with keeping the forums tidy.

    I'm disappointed that someone of your often self touted superior intelligence Bugz, hasn't been able to put this topic in the right forum and then when asked, failed to come up with a decent explanation why it's even here and has had to now resort to name calling... tsk tsk.


    By the way what would the "in the garage" aspects be of NOS-ing your bike and crashing it into a Louisville?
  16. Being the proud owner of a Blackbird, I dont see any reason to make it go faster, Only two bikes are faster than a Blackbird, Hyabusa and the Kawa GSXR 1400, One by 20 KLms the other by 30 KLms, One is 1300 cc and the other is 1400 cc bigger, so they should go faster than the Bird.
    NOS is a waste of time and money on a Blackbird, As you can buy a bolt on Turbo for it, The cheapy with no mods to the motor will give 250 HP at the back wheel, Next up the line needs some mods to motor, 450 HP at the back wheel.
    Next up requires a rebuild of the motor, 600 HP at the back wheel.
    The 250 Turbo is reliable and used daily on the roads.
    But who needs that kind of power. Doesnt matter what bike your on, if you hit any truck or solid object at very high speed, Your leathers will contain most of the body thats been turned to jelly by the impact, And yes it makes it easier for the ambo,s if you have leathers on, much better than scraping up a whole lot of gue on the road that used to be you,
    The Bird is already mind boggling fast, It dont need more, But others might like to do it, I think it is just Bragging rights to have this kind of extra power, Very few really have the guts to ever try to top end them.
    My two cents,
  17. thats the point of the skydiving jumpsuits.
  18. All the write ups Ive read on the big Honda (Mostly AMCN) have put the BB
    in a good light, however they always say it will not reach 300Kmh, and that is something a Ninja thou does easily.

    Having said that Brian, I think a Blackbird is a great touring bike and If I owned one I would not put NOS on it. It was either Peter of Bruce that said they knew someone that was going to put NOS on their Blackbird.
  19. :-({|=