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Explain leather suit features

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dima, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I was trying to compare some of the suits (2 piece mostly) but ended up nowhere.

    It seems to be nearly impossible to choose a suit only by features without knowing the purpose of those.

    It also applies to "smaller" (as nt explicitly stated, less noticeable) things. For example, the GP Pro has small padding near the collarbone while the Laguna Seca has the stretch panel in the same place.

    Also the shoulder sliders are supposed to slide, but the GP Pro has the branding on it which doesn't look to be very slidable.

    Would be really awesome if we could break down the construction and build of the suits to understand why it is there.


  2. padding near the collar bone is a bit of a con. think they tend to get broken from sticking out your arm or landing on your shoulder, not from impact to the collar bone.
  3. I'd be more worried about what fits best and gives you the best range of movement. A decent amount of R&D goes into the big name brands so I'm happy (or naive) enough to trust their design.

    Features I would insist on for track use is really good venting (our climates different to Europe/Japan etc), good shoulder protection that'll slide.

    I've found 2 pieces are a lot more street orientated (comparing A* MX1 2 vs 1pc), the 2pc has pockets, warmer lining, less venting, a bit less padding etc where as the onesie is better vented and more range of movement in it.
  4. Most of the time yes. But I think I broke the collarbone by an edge of a helmet.
    That padding on GP Pro seems to be right there. Not sure how much force it would dissolve though.

    Funny enough, Dainese (the old stock of Laguna Seca) fits me better except the arms and elbows (it is loose to the extent that I could move the padding). A* is much better in the arms but feels a little less comfy everywhere else.

    Yeah, I do trust them too. But just want to know more about some of the specific things to be able to choose the better suit.

    I initially thought about perforated, but since it wasn't in stock (PS) started to think about non-perf.
    So non-perf should not be even considered then.

    I do intend to go to track occasionally, primarily for tuition and non-competing events.
    But primarily want to use for street/weekedn riding. So 2pc would probably be a little more pragmatic choice.

    I always thought that 2pc would have more range of movement. Also 2pc are available as perforated too (Laguna Seca Estive for example).
  5. I find my one piece awkward on the road. Its tight, hard to walk in and pitstops are an effort.
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  6. +1
    You won't benefit from padding there. Go for the venting
  7. Well yeh with the venting when your getting stuck into it at the track you piss out sweat even in the middle of winter, I find the perf is great and in a one peice it's better for moving around on the bike.

    But on the road the perforation can make you freeze in winter and cold wind. So it's a bit of a trade off. As twistngo said though 1pc are more awkward (way more) when off the bike.

    I got a 2pc for the road and a 1pc for the track
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  8. Get a two piece for sure for road use, i would say your decision to get perf really depends on what kind of suit your looking for, if your looking for a full race style suit, with sliders and the full shebang then get a fully perfed suit, your not going to want to hit the twisties in the wet and cold, and if you do, you would be better off taking it easy (not going to need sliders) and wearing wet textile gear, thus you might as well go for full perf because you will probably wear your suit mostly on nice days. Cold weather is easily dealt with by using thermal underlayers and such.

    going by your posts re the airbag vests it seems like you want the best stuff, so i would have to recommend gimoto custom suits as the best option for leathers, custom made to fit you, with the features and protection you need for your riding application and its actually made in italy not ukrain/vietnam like Astars and Dianese gear.

    Or also RS Taichi is supposed to be very good, they have airbag suits as well if your still looking to get an airbag.
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  9. Thanks a lot guys. Appreciate it a lot.

    It sounds like perf 2 pc suit is the way to go for me.

    Not sure about custom leathers and the Italian made stuff.
    At the end of the day normal people make the suits. Don't really understand how Italians would be stitching better than Ukrainians/Vietnamese/Pakistani/etc.

    Having said all that, I'd still want to know what particular features of the suits to look at and why.
    I kind of want to be able to understand why a particular suit is made the way its is.
    Ready to accept all possible technical details :)
  10. Well some key things to look out for are the quality of the stitching and quality of the leather used. You also want to make sure you have good solid armour in the shoulders, forearms/elbow and knees, this stuff should be thick and possibly with a hard plastic outer shell on the armour, this is the stuff that helps you not break bones.

    Those are the two main things, make sure the suit you buy has all of those things up to par. Less important suit features that you still might want are; titanium shoulder caps/knee caps or elbow sliders, these are good on a race track as they will stop the suit from catching on the tarmac when you go down and prevent you from tumbling down the road, instead you slide. They dont do a huge amount for safety i dont think, but i would get them anyway as they look cool and give you a bit more protection regardless, but their focus is more track, to increase the slide time. On the road you will probably just slide into a tree so its a bit of a moot point.

    As for the foam padding they put around the suits, i really dont expect the lightweight foam would do that much, its presence or lack of presence would not make me reconsider buying that particular suit, im talking about the stuff you saw on the collarbones of the astars suit.

    You also mentioned the laguna seca, that suit has no where near enough leather in it imo, its mostly streatch kevlar around the sides, not a good sign no matter what dianese says.

    if you want to see leather suits being broken down and thoughly looked over, go to sportbiketrackgear.com and watch brian vans reviews on the suits (just browse to a suit you like, there should be a youtube review of it), he takes them apart and shows you all the protective features etc. Extremely helpful stuff.
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  11. Hi,

    If it is good advice you are after then def talk to these guys - http://ozmotorcycleleathers.com/ They are the Gimoto importers for Australia and lovely people who are more than happy to help.

    Also try Alex at http://www.motorcycleracegear.com.au/ He is down in Rowville so not to far from you and stocks RS Taichi suits and is a great guy.

    Cheers Jeremy
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  12. Other things to look for might be type of leather used (Brazilian, Kangaroo or other as in the case of Rs Taichi motorcycle leathers) , how much leather is used, flex panels in the suit, if there is double layers of leather in the high abrasion parts of the suit.
    Perforated leather is i think a better option as you can have the choice of both, unlike non perforated.
    In regards to movement one piece is better then the equivalent 2 piece generally.
    But it still comes down to fit of the suit and your price point, which ultimately will decide what you go with.
    If you have any question in regards to the rs taichi range, you can shoot me an email at http://www.motorcyclewarehouse.net.au/
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  13. You get exactly what you pay for.

    Typically, more expensive suits have better materials and more care in construction. There's massive differences in the qualities of leather, CE armour and stitching techniques.

    If you just ride to the shops and back, you're probably not looking for anything high spec, but if you're a racer with a decent risk of at least one high speed crash during the season, you at the very least want something that's stitched properly. And many brands on the market are not.
  14. Thanks a lot guys one more time.

    It sounds like rs taichi would pretty descent option.
    But unfortunately, from what I can see, they only make onesies.

    Same seems to be the case with gimoto.

    This A* go pro 2 pc seems to be the best option for me.
    Dainese is pretty nice looking, but I get the feeling they sacrifice too much safety in favour of comfort. Not sure if that's the case, just my felling looking at all those stretch panels.

    I will definitely pop in to the Rowvile some time next week.

    On the related note, I'd like to try on as many suits as possible.
    Been in PS, and they only had a few 2 pc. So didn't get much to choose from.
    Do you know a few shops with a good range of suits?

    Also curious, which suits would have the most padding (I'm kind of prone to braking bones :) )?

    And yeah, are there any suits without a speed hump (of the go pro level quality)?
    That thing will look ugly on the streets (seems like the only choice would be separate pants and jacket, which I wouldn't/couldn't want to wear on a track).

  15. I run the Taichi GMX Jacket and GMX motion pants zipped together as a 2 piece, love it! Sport bike track gear have a video breakdown and review on both items on youtube.
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  16. #16 twistngo, Dec 16, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 16, 2012
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  17. What's with the hump -hating? Humps are here to stay :)

    You can wear a jacket and pants combo on the track as long as they connect with a full protection zipper. It won't provide the same level of protection as a decent one or two piece, but go with a good brand and you should be ok. Look for hidden rows of stitching on all seams with soft and supple leather.


    Here's a pic showing the outcome of a very high speed crash with good leathers (Before and after repair).
    Flat out in 4th gear at the Hayshed (Australian Supersport race). The rider was fine.

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  18. Thanks. Looks pretty nice.
    But it looks like this jacekt-pants zipper isn't 360 (thus would not be allowed for a track).

    Looked at 11:01

    I don't care too much about the hump personally, but sounds like many people look at it as ... in a weird way :)
    If the jacket/suite is good, I won't care much.
    Except maybe I won't be able to wear a backpack (Ogio Mach 5) :)

    Thanks for the info.
    So what's the difference between decent separate jacket-pants and decent 2 pc suit?
    And why (technically) would 2 pc suit protect better than separate jacket-pants?

    For example, RS Taichi Motion indeed looks like a great pair of protective gear.
    What areas would be worse than a decent 2 pc suit?

    Thanks for sharing. The hole on the elbow is wow. Must have been sliding quite a lot.
    I thought the leathers rarely get that. Every crash is different though.
  19. I'm pretty sure that's what a 360 zipper looks like, it doesn't actually go around 360 degree.
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  20. Didn't realise that.

    It still seems to be pretty weak comparing to Dainese or A* 2 pc suits.