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expiry on P's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by slicko, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. had my p's since march this year and really excited to get off them. ive noticed just recently it says that P expires on Sept'08 means i have 1 yr and 6months but i thought you only on your p's for a year.

    Is this an error that rta can rectify?
    Can i still get my full as soon as my 1 year is up?
  2. If it's a mistake you should be able to contact the place you did your license through and get a copy of the paperwork stating the correct date you did your test. yes 12 months on P's if you have held a open drivers license for xxx number of years
  3. Yes but the license itself doesn't expire for 18 months - even though you can go for fulls after 12.

    Also good to note that the expiry date is usually not the date that you can get your fulls, mine was off by a week - best to ring to check.
  4. If you try and get your fulls after the expiry date, you will find your licence will have expired :p

    That is just there because there is a minimum and maximum time you can have your L's/P's for. If you exceed the maximum time (expiry date) then you will have to redo your P's test and get your P's again. (happens lots on people on L's with a min of 3 months and max of 6)
  5. thanks a lot guys :grin:
    Made me worry a bit. I rang RTA and they confirmed the P is 18 month but after 12 you can get your fulls. Also got the exact date i can go for full lic. :grin:

    Taking so long :(
  6. Just a note on the L's the expiry date (at least in NSW) has now been extended to 1 year so not so much of a rush to book in for your P's test now. I was also told on sat when I passed my P's that you don't automatically get your Full license when the year is up so don't take your P plate off until you have been in to the RTA and replaced your license otherwise if you get stopped by the police you will be fined or worse.
  7. I was under the impression from the lady at the RTA desk that after 18 months the P restrictions automatically expire, i.e. straight to full license, but after 12 months you can go in and upgrade, though you have to pay the fee for a new license to be made.
  8. Actually thats what I was told by the Stay Upright people too but I wasn't entirely sure which is why I didn't mention it.
  9. Now that you mention it, i do remember hearing something like this. Though should it really take you 6 months to get to an rta? :LOL:
  10. in nsw, do you have 3 stages? L,P,Full license ?? thats gotta suck!
  11. 3 Months on Ls, 12 months on Ps. Then you get fulls. Takes less than 15 months in vic? :(

    I've got an interesting question..

    I'm on car Ps, and my 12 months of motorbike Ps will be up soon. When my date comes and I go to the rta, do I just get my full license, or do I have to do the full license test first?
  12. Vic is:
    3 months on learners (tested)
    Then you go for your P's/restricted license test.
    Once you pass that, your full license comes into place after 12 months automagically. No further testing :)
  13. There is no full licence test in NSW, you just have to go into the RTA and get your full licence made.