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Experiences with the Harley 883 Sportster

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Brionnach, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Would anyone care to share their experience of the Harley 883 Sportster?

    Reason I ask is that my friend and I are each looking for a bike that has a cruiser look and feel, but can handle the corners well and also be set up for touring (ie. with rack and panniers). Low-ish price is important, but quality is also. Low ride height is a must (below 750mm).

    From my search the Sportster so far looks to best fit the bill. I've read a couple of mag reviews, which have been promising, but maybe someone out there has used the bike in the way that I intend and can offer an opinion.
  2. i take it you are looking at the Custom and not the Roadster?

    Are you looking to buy new or used? If used - try and stretch the budget to 2004 or newer as these are the rubber mounted engine and will keep their value much better than pre 2003 that are solid mounts and a much more vibey ride.

    Luggage and other accessories can be expensive to buy here, you can buy from US and generally pay via PayPal and save some $$'s.

    Or look for a used model with luggage and some of the other accessories you are looking for.

    All the best for your search
  3. Yes, the Custom.

    I hope to buy new.

    Thanks for the tips, some new information to digest there :)
  4. Mods, delete this!
  5. Thanks HEAPS DuHast :grin:
  6. "Cruiser look and feel" and "handles the corners well" aren't two phrases that are normally used in the same sentence, but the sportsters are probably up there with the better bikes, moreso the sportster than the custom, but it shouldn't be too bad. I'm with the others when they say get one with a rubber mounted engine otherwise you will get bad vibrations from about 90km/hr and up. The 17litre tank on the custom is heaps better than the sportsters 12.5litre tank also. Accessories like panniers are plentiful' whether it is genuine Harley or aftermarket. A small screen may be needed on longer trips also as wind blast out on the open road may be a problem. This won't worry you around town though. Enjoy the bike if you decide to buy one. Despite being poo-pooed by some people who wear patchs on their leathers and think that too many cubic inches are nearly enough, they are a fun bike to ride. have fun.
  7. Thanks for the info talon. Sounds like new is the way to go.
  8. I prepared one of the sportsters when the racing series was still running. They are a lot better than most folks think. Get a late model cos the suspension and brakes are better. An 883 is ok cos they can be turned into a 1200 cheap and easy.
  9. ive had my 05 sporty custom for 18 months, bought with 900 on the clock.

    great bike, i havnt had a car in years, and if you want a harley and still want good handling and easy lane splitting then get a sporty.
    it is a bit slippery in the wet, but you'd expect that on a heavy bike.

    it sounds and looks awesome, and its been pretty reliable so far
  10. ill agree with rainmann... his bike changed the way i looked at cruisers. its very rideable, and user friendly. y a 1200 when if youre going for a harley youre not after speed. you will get as much enjoyment out of an 883 than the other HD's, and it wont suck as much feul. if you ride like rainmann, then get youre pillion to hold on TIGHT
  11. Do they still sell the XLH "Hugger" new?

    The XLH "Hugger" it has a far lower seat height than even normal harleys.

    If you're bored with your 883 they can be bored and sleeved out like normal sportsters....
  12. They sell an XL883L with a Seat Height of;

    Laden 641.3 mm

    Unladen 668.0 mm

  13. If you are looking at touring, you will definitely appreciate the bigger tank on the custom. The 17L tank should be good for 300km, compared to 200km from the peanut tank.

    Its easy to set up any sportster for touring, just be prepared to pay extra $$$ for the accessories, especially if you buy from a dealer over here.

    The 883 is more than enough engine capacity as well, although the 1200 runs at lower revs and less vibes at highway speeds.
  14. my uncle had an 883 sportster...with the peanut tank...and it was a fantastic bike, i think it was one of the better looking harleys id seen(personal preferance, but i feel they have gone in excess now) it rode well, and was a very competant bike. Great tourer.
  15. Out of all the Harelys I love the low stripped down gunfighter sportster look.

    Best thing you can do with a harley is never ever buy any of the HD lifestyle accessories like sissy bars or that crap :p

    That XL883L looks great to me.