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Experiences with Suzi GS500F

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by j0shman, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, im looking around for a LAMS bike, and I saw one of these babies...anyone had any experience with one? I like the way they look, just wanted to know if theyve got the goods. Cheers!

  2. doubt if you'll go wrong with it mate.........as long as it stacks up condition wise.....
    GS500's are the popular lams bike, virtually unkillable and one of the best chances of getting most of your money back ;)

    other than that....... just type in GS500 in the search box........ you'll pick up a lot of good info/comments like this example
  3. Happy with my GS500F. I would however recommend getting firmer front springs and damper oil. Unless you are really light they need the front stiffened up so they don't keep bottoming out on driveway transitions and bumps.

    They feel top heavy compared to smaller bikes. When checking out your first one, try pushing it around to get a feel of the weight. On the move you don't feel that weight and the bike is really easy to keep steady.

    When I was researching I couldn't really find anything bad about the bike other than it wasn't the most exciting. That's fine as I don't intend to use mine as a serious corner carver. I do however intend to keep my 500 for a few years, so well after I've finished my learner's and provisional periods. It is excellent for my 40km round trip daily commute and quite pleasant for a ride in the country.
  4. I love my GS500F.
    Its excellent on the fuel, has plenty of "go" in it (for a lams bike).

    I dont really mind the suspension (although im not a heavy bloke) and have taken it through plenty of twisty's and its still great fun.

    They sound excellent with an aftermarket exhaust and are one of the best bang for your buck learner bikes out there (sure there are faster bikes, or bikes with ABS etc. but you pay alot more for them).
  5. I bought a gs500f when on lams, still got it now. It has become my commuter bike, perfectly suited to it.
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    Check the for sale thread I got one up
  7. Put me down as another happy GS500f owner, I hedged my bets and bought one with high-ish km and a minor sc**** on the fairing for a very very good price, just to get on the road.
    I was umming and ahhing between the usual LAMS suspects for ages and decided I just needed some seat time, and I've been very happy with my decision.
    I've done 1500km on all sorts of terrain and heaps of commuting since the start of Jan and she hasn't missed a beat, couldn't recommend one more. Although they are a bigger bike than many, once you get used to it, you don't even notice, I'm super comfortable on mine now.

  8. Had one ('09 - K9 model) from new till last February clocking up ~24,000km, was very happy with her. As previously mentioned, the suspension (especially the front) is a little on the soft side delivering some hard knocks at times. Another "trait" is the squeaky rear brake - learn to live with it, it's just another characteristic of the GS.
  9. I've got naked GS500 very happy with it.
  10. Heavy overweight bike
  11. Ditto. Only complaints I have are the ones already outlined - softish suspension and a squeaky rear brake.

    Had it for about 2 months now (picked it up near-new) and am thinking I should see if the suspension can be stiffened a little and maybe look at raising the bars a bit - I'm a fairly big bloke.
  12. Raolin, I just got my front springs and damper fluid changed on Monday as well as the rear preload adjusted. The improvement is huge.

    I rolled the bars back a bit a few weeks ago and it helped but I still think I need to raise them a bit as well.