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N/A | National Experiences with Police when carrying rego papers? (No label on bike)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Z1043, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I used to ride around in the ACT without my rego label fixed to the bike but I always had my complete rego papers including the sticker in my jacket pocket.

    I never got pulled over so I don't know how accepting of this the local Police would be.

    Has anyone else done the same thing and been pulled over or questioned by Police?
    Were they happy enough to just sight the rego papers or did they insist that the label must be fixed to the bike?

    What are your thoughts?
  2. Yup, I got a fine for having the papers (with the sticker still attached) sitting in my bag (and I produced it). The fine (as he pointed out) was for 'not displaying'.
  3. Did you get the impression that the officer was having bad day or was it just a matter of fact kind of thing?
  4. He seemed very matter of fact about it.
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  5. Yeah there is a very specific law somewhere about displaying the rego label, and even exactly where it has to be displayed. I know someone who was booked for having their rego label at the top of the windscreen of their car rather than at the bottom.

    Of course now that some states have eliminated labels entirely and ANPR systems are starting to become widely used it's about they got rid of this stupid law.
  6. Agreed. I don't see what the problem is with carrying your papers with you.

    I have one of those rego tubes that the dealer told me the police are happy with so long as they can rotate the tube to see all of the label, so I can't see why they'd have a problem with me (or anyone else) producing a full set of papers.

    I'm fairly sure the ACT law states that it must be fixed to the rear or left side of the bike.

    I'd like to remove it altogether for a cleaner appearance.
  7. I don't either and me too... however I still got booked *sigh*.
  8. In NSW, as of early 2013 (January I believe) it will no longer a requirement to display the rego label.

    WA already has this in place.
  9. How much was the fine?
  10. Yeah road laws seem somewhat backwards compared to how the law's supposed to work. I mean basically a cop's saying "I think your bike is unregistered, prove it isn't", even though it has number plates - when the onus should be on them to prove it's not.

    So ANPR does actually make a lot more sense - though Police have already started misusing it. New York cops have already been found to be using it to ID and track any vehicle parked at a mosque, and they're talking of doing similar here with vehicles parked outside pubs (ie "tagging" them so any cop that sees them driving will pull them over for an RBT).
  11. I saw that the other day. The Victorians must be really glad their masters think so much of them.
  12. NSW is doing away with rego labels in 2013, but I haven't seen yet whether or not you'll be required to carry your rego papers; I know I NEVER have with the bike (although I have them in the glovebox in the car).
    I seem to recollect that the reason given for doing away with the labels in NSW was that the Police or other bodies can check the registration status of a vehicle on the computer systems anyway, so I don't know why you'd have to carry the papers as well....
  13. I've actually been told by a police officer NOT to carry the rego papers with the vehicle.
  14. In WA, we haven't had rego stickers for three years now. No requirement to carry registration papers with you, although I imagine it'd be a good idea if you travel interstate to places where the stickers are still required. IIRC interstate police would have to phone the WA police or Department of Transport to confirm that the vehicle is registered.
  15. Yeah going to be real fun for people who work at pubs/clubs and find themselves getting pulled over for a "random" breath test several times a week.
  16. Before WA ditched rego labels I used to carry mine with me. Bike didn't even ever have a holder. Never got pulled and never got booked although I always accepted the theoretical possibility of it happening.
  17. What shits me is that they are proposing it in the name of safety, and from what I've seen on FB, the dumbarse public are buying it.

    If they were truly concerned about safety they'd offer 'free breath tests' at the door, no penalty unless you then get in a car and drive away.
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  18. THAT makes sense given how difficult it is to keep something dry and readable when stored ANYWHERE on a mototcycle
  19. Actually it was more to do with not making it any easier for car thieves to 'on sell' your vehicle.
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  20. In VIC the rego sticker/papers have "Not valid until affixed to the vehicle." Or words to that effect.