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Experiences with aftermarket levers?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by livingstonest, May 9, 2007.

  1. Just wondering who's got aftermarket levers? (pazzo, crg, others?)And what are your experiences with them?

    I know they look great but are there any other benefits in terms of feel? or otherwise?

    The shorty ones look great but i would be hesitant getting them cause they look like you can only use 2-3 fingers with them. Wouldn't that get tiring?

    Please share.
  2. I installed short pazzo levers recently. Photos of finished (and a couple pre) job at here. I find them good, a lot different to stock but I've taken to them relatively ok. It took me a couple rides before I found the numbers I like and they are easily changeable for when I want to ride "heavy" or "light" so they are handy for that. Also I just like having non stock stuff, kinda makes it "that little bit more personal" of owning the bike :)
  3. Nice bike and the levers look great! They're the short ones right?

    I didn't know you can make the levers feel heavy or light. I thought you could only adjust their lengths to account for different size hands?

    So being short means you don't use your whole hand to clutch and brake right? That doesn't get tiring?
  4. i havent got short levers but i will say no, i only ever use one or two fingers for clutching and two to brake
  5. I've got the pazzo shorty levers, black with gold adjusters.

    Love the look of them, and the adjustability is great. The brakes on my bike aren't that fantastic, and I've found adjusting them helps. Also being female my hands aren't as large as a mans, and the stock levers weren't adjustable and a bit too far out for me to comfortably reach.

    And of course any bling makes the bike faster :)