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Experienced Overseas Rider - First Australian bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by aelassy, May 24, 2016.

  1. Hello Fellow riders,

    Firstly, apologies if I am breaking any rules or guidelines here - This is my first post.

    I have been riding overseas for almost a decade now, have moved to Australia a year ago, and just starting to pursue acquiring a license here, starting as a leaner as my overseas license cant be directly "converted". I now have an Australian Full driving license, so that should make things easier.

    I have just booked my Learner Permit test at HART, and hopefully things will go smooth.

    My question is as follows: Since I might be fortunate enough to go from learner to full in a perood of 4 to 5 months,should I:

    A- Get a very cheap LAMS bike to ride between getting the Ls, sell it, then get the bike I want when I switch to full
    B- Get a powerful LAMS bike (a Yamaha MT07 for ex), ride it for a year or so then later change

    C- Rent an LAMS bike multiple times between my Ls and Full instead of buying an LAMS bike, then buy the bike that I want.

    My last bike was a 1 litre K7 Gixxer that I rode for a couple of years, and I am looking at getting either a scrambler, a thruxton, or a Yamaha XSR900.

  2. Hi aelassyaelassy welcome to netrider. Unless I'm mistaken the best you can hope for is a full license after 3 month on L's and a further 12 months on red P's (please note this is in NSW).
  3. In Victoria, as far as I understood from the VicRoads website, because I have a full Australian driving license, I can get my Ls, then 3 months later can go through a check ride, then get my full riding license a month after. So shortest time would be around 4 months, if all goes well of course.
  4. Ok sounds good if that's the case (y). Check the Vic rides if you're interested in getting out and about and meeting up with fellow members
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  5. Thanks Andrew for the warm welcome. So what would your vote be. A, B, or C?
  6. Welcome to Netrider aelassyaelassy,
    my personal preference would be to buy a second hand bike a few years old and in decent condition that meets LAMS requirements. Ride it while you get your licensing sorted and then sell it again. Picking a bike a few years old and not putting many miles on it, you will not lose much money on it and if you're any good at wheeling and dealing, you may actually make money on it.
  7. I think you might find you have to be on a LAMs bike for 3 years ... unless you can produce official evidence that you have held a M/C licence for more than 3 years elsewhere ie a letter from the relevant Department of Transport where you held a M/C licence previously.
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  8. I would go option B, in my opinion a well looked after 'powerful' LAMS bike should hold it's value better than smaller LAMS bikes
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  9. Cheap learner bike. 300s are heaps popular lately. Ride it like you stole it. If it's second hand, it's probably already been ridden like stolen anyway. 4 months later, sell it for close to what you paid, go to the casino, put everything on black, and then buy your new gixxer...

    Also welcome aboard. I'll go to the casino with you for moral support if you want.
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  10. Thanks Chilliman64, great day to you too.
  11. Thank you Steve. Considering how lucky I have been in the last 36 years, I think I will lose all my money gambling, borrow some money off some loan shark, who will end up killing us both and then buying a Scooter for himself because he will be broke as a result.

    I think I will go for a powerful LAMs bike. Possibly an MT07, or Er-6nl
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  12. Welcome to NR from Adelaide. For me it would be a 'B'. There is enough power to do anything.
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  13. Thank you Eric, really appreciate it. My regards to the Adelaide NR group.