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experienced newbie rider Help

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rembrandt, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. well I have been riding for around 25yrs on the road and off road but Im moving to brisbane from the UK early next year and hope to get another bike so any hints and tips on riding in Australia rules and regs that need to obeyed , can do's but shouldnt etc , and anything else you can think of would be great

  2. Hi Bundy

    my licence is all Ok for Qld , when I arrive I just have to get it transfered over, Whats Toowoomba like as thats were we are looking to settle as i have a job offer there

    Thanks Dave
  3. Well the climate at the moment should suit you :grin:

    Seriously though, its a nice place to live with just about everything you need.

    You have the beaches a bit over an hour away (Sunshine and Gold Coast) and a whole lot of country to the west to explore. I work out to the NT border from here and love it.


  4. Welcome to SEQ (another one of us poms! I've been here 10 yrs now).

    Most riders/drivers arriving in Brisbane from the UK are stunned by a couple of things about local 'conditions':

    1) Low and inconsistent speed limits are enforced quite vigorously and by and large adhered to by most cars. Lots of UK drivers get caught out by this at first and find it very hard to stick to 60kph on roads that 'feel' like they should be 60mph. I took a 3month ban after 12 months of being here from multiple speeding infringements... ( :oops: )

    2) These roads are terrible - Not only is the condition of the bitumen pretty ordinary in lots of places with big potholes and lots of unexpected bumps and dips - but simple things like no right turn lanes, parking permitted in left lane of urban major routes etc etc meaning that traffic flow is needlessly impeded far too often (and almost justifies the low speed limits mentioned above!). Dont expect useful informative navigational signs either, juntions may have signs on them - but dont expect to be given sufficient warning BEFORE the junction so you can get into the correct lane!

    3) These drivers are INSANE - The national (international perhaps?) obsession with speed being a killer seems to have meant that provided you are under the posted limit anything goes. Lane changes are often eratic and unindicated, roundabouts are obviously a complete mystery to most road users and aggressive behaviour is common place. Lane discipline on freeways is unheard of and traffic lights have a "green means go, yellow means go FASTER" mentality. Stopping distances are assumed by most to be in the between 4-8ft depending on speed. Looking to the road ahead to see whats coming up seems to be a most unusual practice meanign lots of drivers end up making sudden evasive manouvers when they 'suddenly' encounter a previously unseen obsticle (like a HUGE road maintenance truck with a flashing LED sign saying lane closed!). Dont expect any courtesy from other road users either - waving someone in front of you in a peak traffic merge situation will almost certainly NOT get you a thankyou wave and most drivers will be so perplexed by your generosity they wont understand that you were simply being polite and might end up hanging back waiting for you to lurch forward eratically like everyone else would.

    Where in Brisbane are you headed? (any ideas yet?)
  5. Wow... some valid points about the road conditions etc but point 3 is utter crap. These points could be said of anywhere in the world, including the mother land.
  6. Oddly enough I've argued exactly your point on a number of occassions when expat Brits have gone off on a winge about the quality of Brisbane drivers - but despite my belief that incompetance is fairly universal the widespread perception of newcomers to Brisbane is that driving standards are low. (IPerhaps this says more about the mentailty of newcomers than about driving abilities per se)

    (Same opinion is also frequently stated by drivers new to Brisbane from SYD/MEL!)

    My apologies for contributing to the mythology in the previous post :oops:
  7. AW C'MOOOON!...THAT!....happens in ALL of our States...no need to single Qld out as something more special than the rest of us... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ....We'll get jealous.
    Showing such obvious favoritism to the Banana-benders is just not on!...shish!!!... :LOL: :LOL:
    (Your description above fits perfectly with my daily commute, down here in Sunny Melbourne) :grin: :grin:
  8. I think the most important thing to be aware of is the abundance, and size, of wildlife to be found roaming free on Oz roads. Even the birds can be an issue (hit a wedge-tailed eagle on a bike and you're certainly going to know about it). Then there's the joy of flies and other winged insects ;).
  9. Don't forget the drop bears. Probably the biggest silent killer of motorcyclists out there...
  10. The cops up here generally need to get together and have a big group un-bunching of their panties and life would be better.
  11. Aussie bugs don't taste real good (keep the visor down) and when you see a kangaroo jump across your path, watch out they usually travel in pair!

    There are heaps of great riding roads in and near SEQ. Ma Ma Creek is a great bit of road and heaps more near the NSW boarder and up further north.