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Experienced my first flat tyre on bike today!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by scootergal76, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. I have been on 2 wheels about 1.5 year, I had my flat tyre on bike today!

    I didnt know about that, till another rider told me when I park my bike.

    I was wonder how come both foots could "flat" touch the ground. That's impossible I become taller since this morning.

    I only went to petrol station pump the flat (back) tyre up to get home. Then I found a small nail, pinned in my back tyre, I think I got that from Bob's garage! :x :p

    I will pump the tyre up again in the morning and ride to bike shop get it fix.

    Actually can it be fix? or i need to get a new tyre? Its not pinned on the side of the tyre. Or can I repair it myself with the repair kit? or I still need to get it fix at the bike shop?

  2. First flat hey? Bloody shit.. You were lucky you could put some air in it to get home. I always wonder what id do if i got a flat. I reckon i had better get on the racv wagon, what do you think?
  3. Sorry to hear that Vivian. :( I hope it didn't ruin your days riding completely. It should be fixable. I'd get someone else to do it if it was me, but you can do it yourself if you want to.

    At least now you know one way to get your feet on the ground when you buy a bigger bike. :LOL: :LOL:

  4. RACV wagon? what can they do for you?

    Actually I didnt recongised I got a flat tyre, just thought not much power than usual and I can touch the ground really well :D :D :D

    I dont know what to do too, I though I need to call the bike transport to pick my bike. But the guy who told me I got flat tyre, he said just go to pump it up, should be able to get me home.

  5. Ohhhh............. yeah! you are right! just get the lower tyre pressure for the back tyre. If it wont effect much on preformance :p

    Haa haa :D then I have more choice on big bike! :p :p :LOL: :wink:
  6. I dont know what the racv can do. I assume if you have a flat they can get the bike home. Maybe someone else can tell us if they have ever used the racv for a similar thing. The main thing is you got home with little fuss, and you can get it fixed hopefully and wont be to costly..
  7. RACV Motorcycle Options
    $117.00 p.a.
    The complete motorcycle assistance package.

    RACV Motorcycle Options provides you with all the benefits of RACV Motorcycle Care, plus some valuable benefits that are designed to help you in a lot more ways.

    When you need RACV Motorcycle Options, simply call 1800 353 511 as shown on your Motorcycle Care Card from anywhere in Australia toll free (mobile phones may incur a charge).

    In addition to all the benefits of Motorcycle Care, Motorcycle Options provides up to $3,300 of the following benefits in any one year when your motorcycle breaks down.

    Your own Care Consultant to make the extra arrangements you need.
    Up to 3 nights accommodation when you are more than 100 km away from home.
    Up to 3 days rental vehicle when you are more than 100 km from home.
    4 additional breakdown calls per subscription year (a total of 8 calls per year) plus one extra call for every call free year.
    Free fuel where available to get you and your motorcycle to the nearest service station.
    Unlimited kilometre towing in the metropolitan area.
    Towing to the nearest attending service centre in country areas.
    Limited locksmith cover.
    Limited cover for any one event for personal effects and clothing damaged or stolen from your motorcycle as a result of a breakdown.
    Australia wide coverage.
    The maximum benefit available under RACV Motorcycle Options in any one year is $3,300.
  8. There you go Vivian. Thanks for that info sandman. will be making a call tomorrow to get me that peace of mind..
  9. RACV Motorcycle Care
    RACV Motorcycle Care: $68.00 p.a.
    24 hour towing service.

    RACV Motorcycle Care provides security and peace of mind when you're close to home or away on that weekend ride.

    Unless you've run out of fuel, it's a fact that the majority of breakdowns cannot be fixed on the road side. With this in mind, RACV Motorcycle Care has been developed to provide safe transportation for the motorcycle rider and their pride and joy.

    Our towing network comprises of trailers and tow trucks. These trucks are equipped with a specially designed motorcycle "sled" which locks around the front wheel of the motorcycle allowing it to be winched and safely secured.

    When you need RACV Motorcycle Care, simply call 1800 353 511 as shown on your Motorcycle Care card.

    Here are some of the benefits that RACV Motorcycle Care gives you when your nominated motorcycle has broken down.

    Four breakdown calls per year.
    Towing, up to 8 km in the metropolitan area or to the attending service centre Victoria.
    Use of a car phone (where available).
    Dedicated 1800 phone number to call for assistance.
    Personalised membership badge and card.
    Australia wide coverage.
    Free Online Maps and touring information, available at all RACV Shops.
    Eleven issues of the RACV's Royalauto magazine every year.
    Motoring related legal advice.
    Plus access to a wide range of RACV products and services ranging from Insurance to Home Loans.
    A joining fee of $39 applies to new members 21 years and over.

    Conditions and monetary limits apply. Refer to RACV By-Laws.

    For more information, call 13 19 55.
  10. Thanks mate, im going to call them for sure..
  11. If you want to take it a step further, you can adopt RACV's Total Care package for around $170. RACV told me it covers you (at the highest support level) for ANY vehicle you drive/ride whether it is a bicycle, car or your mates motorcycle. You can also nominate another driver and a vehicle and that driver will also be covered under your Total Care policy while driving the nominated vehicle.
  12. Ohh that's cool, I think if plan to go for tour on bike, better get Option cover, otherwise standard care would be enough.

    Thanks a lot, Sandman for all info. ;)

  13. If you have a Cage look at the "total care package" for $166.00 pa
    Which covers you for any vechile you are driving ( riding) including your bike for the price of the original cage.

    Ask when making enquiries about the different assistance packages.

  14. I've got RACV total motorcycle cover and I boost it with the three month touring option when I head interstate.
    I've had to use their tow service, when my front disk warped on the way through Bonni Doon. They have a special gadget to pull you bike onto the tilt tray and secure it.
    Problem happened on the weekend. They brought my bike back to Melbourne and reutrned to take the bike to my local bike shop on Monday. V cool. 8)
    Highly recommended service. :D
  15. I remember the first time I had a flat. I was unlucky enough to have three or four nails. Must have ridden past a construction site or something... :(

  16. Ohh that's really bad. Dont think you could be able to get home. :p
  17. Lucky for me, I could get to a mechanic friend's house. Fortunately, he had a compressor and pumped my tyres up just enough so that I could make it home.
  18. RACV need to get their act together though.

    Some depots won't come out to a bike claiming that they don't have the gear to hold a bike on a flat bed - this from a serviceman after another depot comprehensively mucked me around when I was stuck outside of Strath Ck.
  19. Viv,

    Just yell if you need to picked up from anywhere after you have dropped your bike... I'll be around most of the day.

  20. Your understanding of the package is close, but not quite right.

    Total care covers 1 nominated car. Anyone driving that car is covered. The person who's name the Total Care is listed under is covered for any vehicle below 4 tonnes they happen to be riding/driving.

    You cannot nominate another driver.