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Experience With SW Racing in VIC?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Pleiades, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Hi all. At the past few trackdays, I've been getting my suspension looked at by SW Racing. They've certainly made things feel better, but I'm getting to the stage where they suggest I need to get heavier fork springs, re-valving, etc.

    So before I go lashing out hard earned, I would like to get the advice/experiences of people who've dealt with these folk. Any feed back on them?

  2. Stewart attends club days and track days and offers his services to racers and riders. He made some simple adjustments to my SV race bike that made a World of difference. As for other work, I know that G had some work done recently and from memory, is happy with the result.
  3. Two thumbs up from me!

    Stewy has tinkered with my bike on a number of occasions to tweak things a little more each time. Had him revalve my rear shock and couldn't be happier with the ride.

    There is NO doubt about the work he does, or the advice he gives, otherwise the factory teams wouldn't have him.
  4. I improved my suspension in stages.
    I rode the bike around for about 7500km on the standard suspension settings.
    Next, I decided to buy an Ohlin's rear shock. The difference there was amazing in itself. I noticed that the ride was much more plush over rough road surfaces.
    After riding on that for a year or so, one day at a DOCV PI ride event, I decided to have SW tweak up my suspension. It is fairly adjustable both front and rear. From that, I was able to brake with much greater force and lateness than ever before with much less complaint from the bike.
    SW suggested the changes you mentioned partly because for my weight the rear spring was insufficient and the front springs were more "workable" if they were changed from progressive to what I udnerstood to be directly proportional.
    I thought wow this is going to cost a bit, so I waited for another year or so.
    Finally, I was on another DOCV PI RD after a massive roadtrip to S.A. for the Turismo., I decided to bite the bullet and let SW take my bike home to his workshop. He undertook to make the changes as mentioned above and has an exchange progrm for the old Ohlins spring.
    The results were outstanding. Since that time I have taken the bike over to Tassie for a 3000km trip, then returned to Broadford Ride day and then a trip p to Cronulla for the M1100S release. The bike rides like it is on rails and I no longer have to worry about grinding the centre stand around Siberia: a big confidence boost. hehe It was seriously smooth, although it is not as soft over rough roads due to the fork springs no longer being progressive. Something that I choose to live with.

    So, I highly recommend Stewy.

    Lately, I've realised that he is offering a rental try before you buy service for you to try out a Ohlins rear shock on Broadford track days.
    I wish he'd been doing that many years ago because I would have bought one alot earlier ! lol