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Experience with RidersEdge Store Bell Street Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by nightgash, Mar 30, 2007.

  1. I have just recently been extensively researching and deciding on the type of gear I will be purchasing. My brother and I firstly went to a few stores to look at some motorbike gear. We were really impressed with the customer service at Riders Edge and the young guys were happy to answer our questions even though we told them we were not ready to buy today. In our mind on that day that store stood out compared to the others we visited next door, Red Wing and Stafford.

    With a good feeling I went back to Riders Edge about a month later and bought a KBC VR2 helmet. The fantastic thing about it is, he did a deal on the helmet for $370 from the $399 rrp price tag! I went back the next week and bought a very nice Ixon Sismic Jacket with a price on $279. I took it to the counter expecting to pay $279 but he said he could do it for $265! Now I'm feeling really happy about shopping there, I still need some pants and some boots and no doubt I'll be back.

    He has also ordered in a Dainese Back protector that fits into the Ixon jacket. Anyone else have a great experience at Riders Edge like I have?

  2. I've never been to Riders Edge, but if you are ever in Ringwood and visit BikeMart. Brian and the crew will always help you there and have regular Netrider exclusive nights.
  3. Yes, I work with Colin's wife but my experience pre-dates that.

    I have always had a great experience with Rider's edge. Colin and the boys are extremely helpful and know what they're talking about. You will get good advice them everytime (If they don't know, they'll tell you that). They have a great range (except for leather's) and what they don't have, they will often order in just so you can try it on. Consequently I've bought much of my gear from them. :)
  4. +1 Great service and prices many times over. I travel 50km to get there on a saturday for parts. I work right next to all the bike shops in the city and never buy from them.
  5. I went in there with azz after going to Redwing...

    These guys absolutely stand out!!! they were soooooo helpful :grin: we told the guys we were just looking as we had no idea what brands/styles we wanted (for our round the world trip, which is now postponed :( ) we needed to purchase everything from helmets to locks and gloves... and they were more than happy to answer all our stupid questions even though they knew we were not going to buy then and there. but will definitely come back at a later date after azz's back surgery.
  6. Good to know jadey! It was exactly the same with my brother and I. The first time we went in we got such great customer service and we remembered it. They were happy to answer all of our questions and I have never paid RRP with them. They always give me a little discount which is very nice indeed.

    This is what I have bought from them so far

    IXON Sismic Jacket
    IXON Climber Pants
    KBC VR-2 Urban Assault
    KBC tinted visor
    Sidi Vertigo Boots

    My brother has bought

    IXON Sismic Jacket
    IXON Climber Pants
    KBC VR-2 Race replica

    I am planning to buy some dririder winter gloves, the IXON Mystic leather jacket and IXON Iguane leather pants so I can go to track days. I went the other day and although they didn't have what I wanted in stock they can get anything in and I will probably place my order when I have a bit more money to spend.

    I am extremely happy with the service they have given me and I have continued to go back to them because of this.