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Experience with Honda Finance?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jym, Apr 7, 2011.

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  1. Hey again guys.

    Just looking for some advice and thoughts on anyone's experience with Honda Finance.

    Some of you may be aware of my recent motorbike issues, and due to me being absolutely FLAT BROKE (Missus's 21st birthday on Good Friday) I've got no money to see a mechanic.
    (My mechanical problem post here)

    So I've been thinking lately about acquiring one of those funky looking 2011 CBR250R's. But I was wondering who's had experience with Honda Finance.

    Here's my questions:
    1: Is Honda Finance worth the trouble?
    2: Will Honda Finance approve me with no deposit?
    3: Will Honda Finance accept my (Previously neglected) MC19 as a deposit?
    4: What experiences, whether good or bad, have you had with Honda Finance?
    5: Would I be better off trying to get finance through a different dealership? I love Honda, but I have no money, and I need transport! Haha.

    Thanks guys,
  2. Nevermind blokes, I gave them a ring and they approved me for $27,000.
    Now just to decide if I want the 250 or a Fireblade!!! Hahaha
  3. What is the interest rate with Honda? Yamaha finance offered me finance when I was looking.... Interest rate of 18.95%!!! My bank approved a loan at 13.25%

    Smile On Glen
  4. Let you know as soon as I sign the paperwork. Honda's interest rate varies depending on how good your application is, but from what I've seen the minimum is only 9.9%
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.