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Experience re lack of mud guards

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by still_riding, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Hi all

    this came up in my house this morning, due to the thread about 'good police experience' started by [MENTION=34097]ducm3[/MENTION].

    I'm all for ADRs and not for random police enforcement of 'stupid' laws, and mud flaps and the job they do never crossed my mind, until this week on the way to work on one of the wet mornings.

    Taking off from punt/swan st (Melb) I had a 'something sports' (yeah I had other things to worry about) take off in front of me, and as we are heading into the brunton ave corner, I realise I could see diddly squat because his back wheel was throwing a very wet road dirt storm at me!! At which point I went 'F**k this', over took him, so I could see the corner.

    So just a heads up to those who ride in wet weather often and don't have a flap, consider those riders behind you, maybe move over so they aren't directly behind you, or just get out of there faster, because if you ever hang out in front of me, I'm just going to over take you, and leave you to sit in my flap restrained spray!

    P.S I've hijacked my mother's account (mother's are so kind to their daughters)
    P.S.S. Daily commute is a 1983 gsx 250, redundancy bike is a 84 gsxr 400, I do about 500 km a week, mostly peak hour on the monash and inner city
    P.S.S.S if that blue Harley chopper from Monday evening commute is on here, way to go man, awesome ride home!
  2. ....are you hot ?
  3. You're slipping [MENTION=34918]87crisis[/MENTION], that was a good hour and 7 minutes before you asked the question
  4. Most stock mud guards on bikes don't actually do anything. My one isn't even solid plastic, its just a plastic frame thing
  5. No, I was wet and cold after getting sprayed by a back tyre!
  6. Sounds hot :bolt:
  7. Unless you're his pillion, I find it difficult to imagine how a rear mudguard can prevent the bike in front from spraying you.

    You're about 20-30 degrees relative to the rear tyre contact patch being directly behind him, and no mudguard on a sports bike extends down all the way like that.
  8. I used to ride regularly in groups of minimally mudguarded chops and customs and never found it to be a problem.
  9. So instead of backing off to get out of the wheel spray, or moving yourself over in the lane - you decided to overtake on the approach to a corner despite (apparently) not being able to see anything.

    Don't think a lack of mud guard is the problem here.
  10. Sounds like the riders tyres must have been excellent at wicking water.
    If its wet just back off a little, you'll be able to see and have more room to stop.
  11. Cardigan wearer of the highest order.
  12. What's wrong with my cardigan
  13. Our family doesn't come issued with cardigans, haven't for generations and they have all managed to breed!

    You all seem to have missed the point, I had lane split past the bike after getting off the freeway, he eventually makes it to the front line, we both need to move over two lanes immediately after take off, the other bike is at least 600cc, so I give him the heads start, (as I am considerate) expecting him to not then get in my way, however what I ended up with, was a bike doing some fast acceleration for about 50m, then backing off, me getting a face full of water (agree, I think his tyres did wick well, but it was very wet), with the end result being I have out cornered the bike, coming from behind on my gsx 250.

    All riders out there need to make constant assessments, whether it be regarding what a car is going to do, when the lights are going to change or the competence of a fellow rider.

    All road users should be aiming to cause no negative effect on any other road user.

    This rider failed on both accounts, a wet road is no excuse for such failure!
  14. Nope, still sounds like the situation was still one entirely of your own creation.

    The fact you wanted to go faster was your problem, not theirs - and doesn't necessarily make you a more competent rider.