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Experience on Yamy R125

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Riderman, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Fun bike, it needs to be ridden close to redline to have any fun though. Looks awesome.

    The bike cannot get up hills. Why did they put 6 gears on a 125 engine? Ridiculous.

    Riding it to its redline every gear to keep up with a Golf GTI... wasn't sure if he was even accelerating.

    This morning after some spirited riding through twisites to get to work, guy on an R1 pulls up next to me at the lights.

    I look over and do the nod etc. then i looked away because it was embarassing as he started checking out the bike 8-[

    Overall a cool looking bike, great for learners who dont like the small 250 ninja. But I feel like a poser.

  2. Never ridden one but had a sit on one last weekend and they do seriously look the business.

    As for the 6 gears, did you want more, less or is it just geared too tall? Some of the old racing 50ccs from the 60s ran 12 speed gearboxes and the Cagiva Mito 2 smoke came in a 7 speed at one point. I'd imagine you'd want as many cogs as possible even if you could only use the top few on the flat bits.

    I'll have to see if I can weasel a testride at some point me thinks.
  3. They do look good, easy to assume its an r6 from distance. I sat on one down in tassy, damn they feel extremely heavy compared to the cbr125r next to it. Personally I think they should have put a 250cc i4 engine in it, would have been great. But I'm sure it'll be good for its purpose (junior racing class).
  4. Does it trim hedges as well?
  5. Thought that myself. Interestingly there's only 10kg in it.
  6. A nice 125cc can be a lot of fun.

    My first bike was a 1969 YAS1 Yamaha like this (except it was black)

    105kg (total wet weight) and 10.9kw and lots of fun on a downhill run - it even had a steering damper!

    That's nearly 30 kilos lighter for the same power output as an R125 with all the fun of a nice revvy twostroke - who says bikes have improved :)
  7. I hope it creams the CBR125.
  8. Sorry excuse my newbiness, i assumed less gears = more torque. Silly me.
    When I was going up hills, i'd have to downshift two gears, I just felt like I kept having to switch gears as the power band was right up around 7000 mark. If I let off the throttle the revs would drop quickly and there would be no power.
  9. Nope. The number of gears on it won't make any difference to how hard it pulls. More gears gives you more of a shot at keeping the engine at its peak output for a given speed, same reason trucks have 18 speed RoadRangers. You've got to work at it more is all.

  10. I'm also puzzled why they didnt go down this path, they would of sold shit loads more me thinks
  11. A lot of markets have a 125cc capacity cap. I believe the R125 bumps hard against the limits of what a provisional license holder can ride in the UK for example.
  12. They would be popular as hell in Asian countries too. In Thailand, the only bikes larger than 125cc were the ones the dirty, fat, arrogant euro trash were riding around on at Patong Beach (asshole of the world). I now know why those guys were so pissed off in that film, 'the beach'.

    But I digress.
  13. Shove a WR250 or 450 single in it then I'll care