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Experience going from Supersports to Supermotard?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bluemuppet, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm toying with the idea of 'downgrading' to a super motard. Given that I ride a K6 gxsr1000, the only thing I'm really reluctant about is riding something with one third of the rear wheel ponies as to what I'm used to.

    I'm hoping that the fun factor however will offset this, and I think it would be quite conducive to my riding style - eg I get way more pleasure riding my dual suspension mountainbike in the city over my roadie, because of the easy wheelies, stoppies and gutter jumping antics. Hence I think it would align quite nicely to something of the SM variety (not that I'd always ride like a lunatic, only *sometimes* :) )

    I've been looking at something like the yam XT660, husky 610 or maybe the Aprilia SXV. I want something that falls into the SM category with high power to weight, but at the same time something that doesn't need to be serviced every 1000kms and has more than a 5 litre fuel tank :p

    Has anyone had experience in stepping down from a 1 litre sports, or even a 600 sports onto a SM? What was good or bad, would you go back and why or why not?

  2. I can't speak from personal experience but a good friend of mine has gone from having all sorts of huge supersports/sportstourers to a tarded DRZ400E. He said he's never had as much fun on a bike.

    I've heard that Husky 610 is a very nice bike.
  3. Or maybe the KTM 990 SMR?
    The claimed power is 115hp, you still miss 1/3 of the power you have though.
  4. My mate raced supersports before motards. "Stepping down" was about 1 second a lap only and certainly more fun when crashing is so cheap comparitively!

    Your choices so far there are chalk and cheese. SXV will need constant servicing and IS a race bike. XT660 is a commuter work horse. 610 slightly less so.
  5. As already noted, you've a got a choice now, between 'real' motards (lightweight, single cylinder, race tuned) and twin cylinder motard-styled road bikes like the KTM 990SMR and Aprilia Dorsoduro, .
    You've just got to decide what you need a bike to do for you. Hardcore singles are for racing, track days and terrorising city streets. The twins will do... well, just about anything (except maybe actually win races).
  6. how much commuting? track days? ect.

    then we will tell you which tards suit your needs.

    all i can say is I had allot more fun on my tards than on my litre bike. but at the moment i need a road bike as i do a tonne of kms.

    but the fun is in different yet equally licence threatening ways. think whoolies,stoppies,stairs,bridges,bike paths ect ect. just don't expect them to be much fun on the FWY or over 100km/h
  7. Hey Guys,
    Thanks for the replies. I've been doing a bit of research since my original post from some pointers here and also just reading around. As devo noted, my original suggestions were chalk and cheese :) As much as I'd love a no compromise balls out race bike like a sxv 5.5, I'm not prepared to commit to their service intervals or live with any general unreliability as a result of being a hardened race bike with blinkers and a horn, nor would I have the skills to ride it to half it's potential.

    I'm mainly commuting & do track days very occasionally. Something that isn't a complete dog on a freeway would be nice :p Asking too much from a motard? perhaps... The larger twins that have been mentioned would be nice, but a few grand north of my price range.

    After looking around for a bit I've come to like the Husky sm610 and the KTM 690smc. I plan to test ride both over the coming weeks, and maybe pop into Aprilia to throw a leg over the sxv just to see what the fuss is about :)
  8. I think the SMC would be a great street bike.
  9. A guy on a Husky was (low speed) dueling with me on the commute on the way home last night, and certainly seemed to be having a good time and not being left behind on launches...
  10. i would go the smc over the sm610 any day of the week, that being said, i havent ridden a husky sm610.

    smc goes really well for what it is, stops amazing and lean angles are just awesome. dont forget that slipper clutch it has (not sure if the husky has one), smashing down the box is a breeze.

    one thing on the smc, you cant play nice on the gearbox, changing softly from 5th to 6th can result in a false neutral. and that aint good.
  11. Thanks for the replies guys. I'm planning on test riding a KTM in Werribee. Can anyone recommend a Husky dealer who is good to deal with? I was at an Elizabeth St dealer earlier who happen to have the Husky I'm looking at, except they made me feel like an idiot for going to a motorcycle dealer and expecting to test ride a motorcycle :jerk: