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Experience Exchange Program for Newbies

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Chef, Sep 2, 2006.

  1. This is just an idea I've had, that I'm opening up for discussion and to gauge interest. (so if you post please stay on topic)
    It's to create a film/films using a helmet cam, that can be narrated over, detailing the thinking and decision making an experienced rider makes while riding. eg, hazard identification, road positioning, how to create road presence, what 'body language' signals drivers use that can telegraph what they are about to do.
    we could do an intermediate package covering filtering and splitting, etc.
    And an advanced package for riding in formal packs (ride days) and informal (Gp days, etc)
    I realise this is going to open up a can of worms, in regards to what to include, and who thinks we should promote some of these behaviours, blah blah, blah.
    If there is a genuine interest from people willing to participate in something of this nature, also a high enough interest from the new folk who think they could benefit from from this, then a new thread will be opened up where everybody will have their chance to give their input.
    For the next week though, while you're riding around in different situations, think about it from a new riders perspective, and ask yourself, 'what would they do?'

    Cheers Scheff.
  2. I think that it's an admirable idea if it was acted upon.
  3. This idea does have merit.

    As long as it retains a "Safety Focus", I think it is an excellent way of collecting information about our riding habits. Analysis of each video will provide some insight - which may "backfire on some people" by teaching them a valuable lesson about some weakness in their riding habits - when viewed by other more experienced (but not necessarily qualified) riders.

    I would advocate that the videos be submitted to a Judging Panel first, and that this panel consist of a group of Qualified Individuals - before they were released to the Public Domain.

    These are my preliminary thoughts only.......

    Strange - I was thinking about a similar concept just the other day. :) :cool:
  4. YIKES, I wouldn't want people seeing all MY bad riding habits! :LOL:

    I think this is a great idea; as John says, as long as it retains a safety focus I would be all for it, and happy to assist/contribute to it.
  5. I too think this is a great idea.
    What you are describing is the exact same method we were told to use in our heads (self narration) when we went and got our Ls, from what I am told this method of training is also what all police riders use.
    If you watched the safety video ( mandatory in Victorian Ls courses) you would have heard/watched them discuss/demonstrate this method.
  6. Hmmm somebody was paying attention...

    I like to zone out during video time, just a habit i picked up from my school days. But I would say that a video tutorial would be a great idea. See moredeth videos. He really explains things simply in an easy to listen to kind of way, if only he didn't get distracted so much.

    I'd definitley be interested in helping out with newbie POVs and video production/editing.
  7. As a newbie Im interested in this & any stuff that I think will help me improve both skills and confidence, as well as answering all my "silly" noob questions along the way :LOL:

    Have you seen the "Ride On" dvd as this has similar to what you are describing ? Is this the kind of format you mean ?
  8. If you go to the TAC website you can get a free CD Ride Safe program which has a very similar thing. Runs a vid and then asks you to identify what the hazards were or where certain hazards were or what you should do in certain situations. Runs through the narration exercise as well. Pretty good but more would always be appreciated.

    Link: http://www.tacsafety.com.au/jsp/content/NavigationController.do?areaID=1

    Thanks for the link to those moredeth vids as well... excellent viewing.
  9. right back at ya for the link to ride smart cd, I looked around on the TAC website and forgot what I was looking for. finally ordered my copy now.

  10. And you could video a learner as well to compare what they are doing differently, or making typical newb mistakes. It would probably be valuable to show that side of it as well. I remember on my L's course they showed us a vid of an experienced rider and I was like argh I'll never be able to remember all of that.
  11. i think it's a great idea i could really use the help. i didn't get shown any video at the Ls course maybe its just other states
  12. Thankyou everybody who has posted. Please let me clarify what it is I'm talking about.
    The seed for this idea started about ten years ago when I went for my licence. We were in an enclosed compound and taught the fundamentals of how to ride a bike, we also had some theory on how to ride on the roads.

    If we proved to have an understanding of these basics, then fundamentally we were licenced to go out on the roads and learn the rest, sometimes the hard way.

    I left with my licence in hand that day, and watched as some of my peers rode gingerly up the road. I couldn't help but wonder if we were really prepared for what faced us.

    Fast forward a few years, and I'm back on a bike after a five year absence. I'm having to reacquaint myself with the intricacies of riding. I've begun practicing emergency stops again, do we ever stop practicing? (rhetorical) Road positioning, road presence, where to stop at traffic lights, (if there's oil in the middle of the lane, and the ashpalt on either side is polished smooth, where are you going to position your bike?)

    There are a lot of things out there that we are constantly thinking about, sometimes subconsciously. Those are the kind of things that we talk about with the newer folk, so hopefully they wont find out the hard way!
    Maybe it would be better to show them.

    Above is a short list of rider thinking, that as a driver I don't have to bother with. I'm sure we can all contribute to it. And then get together the interested people to go out film those scenarios into a visual tutorial.

    Have you ever had a friend who became interested in bikes through you, and when they got their licence you wanted to teach them everything you know? Me too. Scheff
  13. I think there's a couple of permutations of this, and I can think of one that would be REALLY useful; a video for old geezers like me who've had ten or twenty years away and need to get back up to speed, so to speak.

    There's a lot of difference between a 1980's 650 and a 1990's 600, and although you don't lose the basic skills, there's no doubt that everything happens faster. A video that combined a refresher on motorcycle-related road rules, and some comparisons between what we USED to ride, and what we can buy now, would be very helpful..
  14. I think that it would be really useful. It would be a great way to bring the knowledge and experiance of netriders who have been on the road for a while to noobies. I'm all for it and would like to pre-order a copy! :grin:
  15. im.on.it (link above rhs)------ thanks for the heads up, I've watched a couple, and they're very entertaining. How's the SUV playing chicken? That demonstrates the kind of thing to be ready for when riding. The only person on the road who's going to save your life is you.

    2 Rules I live by, presume nothing, be ready for anything.

    Also using the bus for protection in traffic (through a red was the example, but ignore that) Sometimes in traffic you can find cars that are sympathetic to riders and will guard you as you're riding. They're not all tools. Might even be a rider stuck in a cage.