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expect the unexpected

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by aeroplanejerry, May 3, 2009.

  1. I was just pondering the line you aways hear "expect the unexpected". And i value this saying,and i thought well what do i know so far as unexpected.

    i i thought to myself

    1. oil and debris on road and more so at intersections
    2. cars that are swerving in theyre lane a bit( as if they reaching for micheal bubles new album.please i not intend to offend buble fans here)
    3. cars that look like they might not know where they goin caus they put theyre blinker on little bit b4 and didnt turn.
    4. people enjoying theyre music too much in their car and may cut ahead of me.
    5 cats and dogs running across the road when i see them and they see me :)
    ( my dog used to hate motorbikes.either she too old to care about them or now i ride one she's cool with them.)
    6 people runnin reds.
    7. people not paying attention when driving.looking at some attractive walking on the footpath.
    8 . racer boy car drivers with loud and fast cars that may have a budy trying to catch up to them on the road.

    yeah just trying to brainstorm here
    would be great to hear your inputs.


  2. 9: i no there was some traffic ahead of me, when i come round this blind bend is there a chance i will have caught up?
  3. 10. On windy days sudden strong wind gusts that can give you a scare.
    11. cars suddenly slowing right down on touristy roads to admire views.
    12. don't know if this one counts but badly fitted parts or loose bolts after picking up a bike from workshops could result in an off or damage to bike.
    After reading quite a few threads this seems to happen to often.
  4. A large, frozen bag of vomit from an airliner plunging through the car in front of you, making it explode.


    Now thats unexpected! Most other things are just general human stupidity, especially the 'not looking' one. I had that twice in one afternoon; worst one being some chick cautiously crossing the road in front of me so that I had to stop before hitting her. She stopped in front of me FFS! Why would you stop a car in the middle of oncoming traffic?

    Keep on expecting bad things to happen, chaps - boingk
  5. 13. Alien abduction.
    14. Distraction from a bug getting into your helmet (not through air vents) even though you have the visor down.
  6. Trucks carrying dirt/rocks/rubbish (esp in windy conditions). Things (usually hard and sharp) tend to fall off them at inappropriate moments.

    Also low-loader semis carrying heavy earth moving equipment. Always big lumps of dirt falling off them onto the road.
  7. 15. Bird poop on a wet day under old bridges with cobblestones and tram tracks makes traction rather difficult...... found that one out the hard way!! :shock:
  8. With my luck I could expect the unexpected and end up running into the expected.
  9. Oh itss ooonnnn!!! :evil:

    You mess with the boob and you mess with me! :cool:
  10. dont know if anyone has had this one before ..

    nice hot summers day you unzip your jacket to cool off a little, your crusing behind the car in front and all of a sudden the idoit decides to throw a ciggie butt out the window and you cop it sweet in the chest and it ends up inside your jacket.
  11. for MElb riders: The 35km/h hairpins on Yarra Blvrd that have a street coming out of them around the blindest part of the corner.

    I have never expected too, but have seen the following coming out of those streets

    * Tourists in the middle of the road taking pictures
    * Woman pushing prams across the road
    * Cars pulled over for a CD change or Photo Opp
    * 4wd's with their noses right over the line into the intersection (allthough I shouldnt be surprised on that one)
    * A fox running across the road

    So so tempting to nail it around that little race track er um, I mean leisure activity thoroughfair, but way mega dangerous on a few of those bends.
  12. Cruising along on the highway at 110kph, behind a ute. Then a beach towel comes flying out and wraps itself around your leg! That was kinda scary!
  13. Going 100ish ( :p ) on the way to Wandong and once around a bend, seeing two stray cattle about to run toward you...I even heard my ass pucker up !!!
  14. another unexpected.today sitting was sitting at the traffic lights ,no probs so far. then when taffic started moving revealed was a 2x2x15" long wooden stump. was definatley gonna go around that. I was thinking after who's gonna pick that up?
  15. You stopped and measured it??
  16. nah i got my red terminator T800 eye. bought it off ebay :p