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Expansion chamber

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by suziQ, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. Hello all,
    I have an old (1980, well maybe not that old for some of us!) Suzuki A100 does anybody know if/ or what sort of expansion chamber will fit it. The poor thing is currently being constricted to death!

  2. Hmmm -not sure about the expansion chamber constricting your engine to death but a good place to start would be trying a different silencer off the end of the pipe.
    The expansion chamber itself may also be choked with 1/2 burnt 2 stroke oil. Remove the pipe, find someone with an oxy acetylene set & proceed to heat the inside of the chamber (from the exhaust port end) After a while your pipe should start to resemble a flame thrower and start to make some hell cool roaring noises :grin: At this point you can just keep feeding it oxygen & it will keep merrily burning away.
    Another nice touch -if you know a friendly welder, is to cut the stock pipe open & remove the perforated mesh inner skin that most stock pipes seem to have. Not sure on performance gains but it does give that really cool high performance 2 stroke "ting ting ting" noise at idle and a nice sharp crackle to the exhaust note on acceleration.
    Thats about all I can think of other than doing some pretty involved calculations of port timing & area & designing a custom chamber to suit as A100's aren't particularly thick on the ground or supported by any aftermarket network :)
  3. One other thing you can do to old 100's to get some extra "zing" is use a lawnmower 125cc piston and barrel.....

    Thats the next "upgrade" to the Yammy DX100 I was so kindly given...
  4. Thanks for the tips. I've given the bike to my brother he's going to sort out the pipe by burning all the gunk on the inside. I'll have to tell him about the lawnmower piston!!
  5. OH MY GOD!! I found at work today the original parts book for one of these!! (well the A100, AS100...) it was stuffed under the old desk...
  6. hmmm...freaky synchronicity. I hope you didn't throw it out.
  7. no no it is sitting with the old microfish things...

    lol now days every thing is on the PC... and if they don't get updated, well... bad things happen...