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VIC Expanded defintion of Hoon

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], Jan 20, 2010.

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  2. I love the douchebags in the comments calling for the cars of hoons to be crushed. Yeah, let's have the government start seizing private property. That's a brilliant precedent. I'm unable to decide if I'm horrified or amused that people are stupid enough to think that's a good idea.

    Furthermore, I love equally that neither of them were able to spell "their" correctly. How are these people allowed to graduate high school?
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  4. He got a Navara to spin the back wheels?=D>
  5. And whats your suggestion?
    Thats a serious question.
    Remember these are (predominately male) 19-25 drivers who have been caught out at least twice before.
    It is only a matter of time before some of them will kill themselves, their passengers and perhaps an innocent bystander or two.
    These are the idiots who just don't learn.

    And by the way, it's not a precedent, in fact it's done regularly under (for example) the Proceeds of Crime Legislation in Vic.
  6. Don't crush their cars, sell them and give the money to charity.
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    The state should NEVER be taking legally-owned and acquired property from people.

    And if someone kills himself? Tough titty. If you don't take someone with you or damage someone's property, I say good riddance and peace the **** out to you.

    That's still theft.
  8. Typical Herald Sun "journalism" to confuse deliberate criminal damage to a police car with "hooning". Actually my next door neighbours are Hoons. It's a relatively common South Korean name (the mayor of Seoul is a Hoon).

    I wonder if they could sue the Hun? :)
  9. oh yeah, that works, doesn't it? Because you never see "driving while disqualified" added to the list of charges of these morons. Almost like you also never see "driving an unregistered vehicle".
  10. That doesn't justify stealing their property.
  11. I guess I'm a hoon too, since the technical definition under the hoon laws seems to be 30 km/h over the limit. I do, very occasionally (allegedly) hit 100 while overtaking on a flat open piece of road where the limit was recently reduced from 80 to 70, for example...

    This is part of the problem when something has to be defined tightly in law: you end up losing human discretion.
  12. Actually, no it's not.
    Theft is depriving the owner of property of the property, with an intent to do so permanently.

    The Proceeds of Crime legislation (for example) transfers the title to the Crown.
    The original owner no longer has "title", so it's not theft.
  13. If someone takes something that someone legitimately owns, by force, without compensation, that's theft as far as I'm concerned. If someone stole it in the first place, sure, go ahead. But if I go out and buy a car legally and with my own money, and the government takes my car without giving me fair compensation? That's theft, and I don't care what some corrupt politician, cop, or lawyer says to try and defend it.
  14. I would say that probably 90% of this forum would also be in that hoon section, and how many as a group have we killed ](*,), speed limits don't make things safe, they should be a guide/advisory speed to an area, and the thinking driver rider adjusts to the current situation, weather conditions etc..... just because road is listed as 100, doesn't mean it's always safe to do those speeds
  15. The Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, Simon Overland, says Victoria's anti-hoon laws are having a positive impact on the State's roads.

    There have been a spate of crashes involving young people in the past week, including a high-speed crash that claimed the lives of five teenagers at Mill Park on Sunday.

    The Premier, John Brumby, said yesterday he would consider anything to stop drivers speeding, including crushing their cars.

    But Mr Overland says there is evidence the anti-hoon laws are working.

    "There's a very low recidivism rate," Chief Commissioner Overland said.

    "After we take a car off someone for the first time, the recidivism rate after that is about two per cent.

    "So that says to me that it is having an impact.

    "After three offences we can confiscate the car.

    "It can go, completely, and we've had a couple of instances of that."

    Original article: http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/01/20/2796538.htm

  16. Disgusting. Thieving swine.

    Know what else would stop them? Killing them. Why not do that, you bunch of assholes? Or hey, maybe we should just cut their hands off so they can't steer? Nah, still too harsh. Let's take all their money so they can't buy fuel!
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    I think "Idiot" fits. "Hoon" is a stupid word to begin with, frankly. Brings to mind senile old men sitting on the porch screaming at teenagers.

    I have no problem with just, well thought-out laws that are fairly enforced. The other 99% are bullshit.
  19. If you think cop bashing is bad here on NR, you should take a look at Perth Street Bikes. It's one of the main reasonas I don't bother to go there much any more.
  20. A driver. An offender. A suspect. Was it an accident? Was the person drunk? Exactly what about what occurred constitues "hooning"? "Hooning" is meant to refer to burnouts, wheelies/stoppies, excessive speed, road racing, etc, etc.

    It seems to me that the Herald-Sun has got it in their heads that if ANYTHING occurs in a car, then the driver is a hoon. The H-S is on a mission to demonise and sensationalise everything as hooning nowadays.

    With rare exception, the people whose comments the Herald-Sun editors allow to be posted are the most narrow minded, bitter, miserable, wowserish sub-set of Australian society.

    F*ck me, but I hate almost everything about that publication.