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exp of interest GPX250 - price query

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by spongesam, Mar 15, 2007.

  1. Guys,

    i'm in the process of getting my bike ready for sale.

    It has a new chain and sprockets. New pads on the front.
    It will have a new tire and new fork seals, and will have fresh oil and filter of courses.

    It's a GPX250 The black / purple/torquiose model. 1996.

    It has 60,000 on the odo, but haven't felt any problems with it.
    It has been the most reliable vehicle anyone in my family has ever had.
    I've put on 20,000 in the last year on it, starts every time :)

    I've had no stacks, but prev. owners have, the fairings are cracked a lil bit, but they've been reinforced.

    I will probably be selling at the end of april as that's when i'm off restrictions.

    I am just wondering what people are willing to pay?
    Hoping around $3K? What do you guys think?
  2. of course, will be selling with RWC, and has rego til march next year
  3. Two of the most important things people look for when buying a bike you have left out.

    How much rego left will it have when you sell?

    Will the bike be sold with a Road Worthy Cert?
  4. i anticipated as such, and yes, RWC will be with it. And rego until MARCH 08
  5. LOL you hadn't posted the second post when I hit reply.

    Searching bikesales there is a dealer selling a 1997 GPX for just under $4000 with RWC and no rego. I think thats a bit much. I would start at $3,500 considering its got 60,000 kms on it.
  6. I would also say start at between the $3000-$3500 mark. I see ~$3000 as being a reasonable price for this bike. I have recently purchased a 1993 model, and I had a good look around, and bikes of your age and kms all seemed to be around the $3000 mark. Having said that, it's all about the demand in the marketplace, you may be lucky enough to get someone just come along and buy it for what you're asking, or you may have to wait 4 months for someone...