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Exhaust Upgrade for My New 05 ZX6r??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ninja03, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. Ey Guys,

    want to upgrade the exhaust on my 05 ZX6r. My bike is stock as a rock so got no idea about modifications at all! Im looking for somthing very loud and with lots of extra power. Not sure if this is possible or not. Heard alot of people reccommend the Jardine Exhaust and the akrapovic evo is meant to be another good one. Can anyone reccommeend one or any others? A

    lso heard good things about megacycle so will probably head down there but am open to other places.
    Also price doesnt really worry me. I Am happy to wait longer and save if it means i get somthing with the best quality but definately after somthing very loud and powerful.

    Thanks guys!!!!
  2. Without getting the bike tuned with the new exhaust, power gains are likely to be minimal.

    Loud tho - no worries!

    Two Brothers make some cool pipes.

    Shop around on Ebay, if you just want to buy a slip on. You're usually looking at over $2k for something like a full Yoshimura exhaust system locally.
  3. The Akra looks great on that bike. Two Brothers are ugly IMO.

    Like Bonk said, to get real power gains you need a full system and a dyno tune. A slipon might give 10hp max, but will sound nice.
  4. Doubt a slipon will give much more than an extra pony or three, especially if the bike isn't tuned to suit. The full system route will be the best option but also most expensive. You will need a full retune, so budget in at least an hour or two of dyno time at $150 an hour.

    My vote would be for uprated suspension, or even just spending some money on an advanced riding course to get the best from your bike as it is. Save up for that full-system, by all means!

    Cheers - boingk
  5. Thanks for all the responses guys! Will definately be saving up for the full exhaust system. Most people say you really need a ECIII to go with that as well or the bike can run a bit lean so will most likley get one two and a dyno tune! As far as exhausts its out of the two brothers and the akropovic. Will definately be tilting toward the akrapovic if i can save the money. They appear to have the best reputation and the akrapovic evo sounds insane!
  6. Good stuff mate, and +1 on the ECU upgrade then dynotune. That'd provide some very nice extra horses to play with.

    - boingk