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Exhaust Upgrade for 05 ZX6R

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Ninja03, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. Ey Guys,

    want to upgrade the exhaust on my 05 ZX6r. My bike is stock as a rock so got no idea about modifications at all! Im looking for somthing very loud and with lots of extra power. Not sure if this is possible or not. Heard alot of people reccommend the Jardine Exhaust and the akrapovic evo is meant to be another good one. Can anyone reccommeend one or any others? A

    lso heard good things about megacycle so will probably head down there but am open to other places.
    Also price doesnt really worry me. I Am happy to wait longer and save if it means i get somthing with the best quality but definately after somthing very loud and powerful.

    Thanks guys!!!!
  2. Changing the exhaust will not give you much more power.
    Go to Akrapovic’s site and have a look at the dyno charts to see how much difference it is.
    If you change the exhaust and put on an aftermarket ECU, then you have some scope for real power improvements.
    Do your research, you may be sorely disappointed if you think that an After Market Can will give you much of a power upgrade…
  3. To be honest im not worried about the power out of the exhaust alot. More so the sound. Im very happy with the bikes performace as is just wish it was a fair bit louder. Any performance increase is a bonus!
  4. Carbon fibre.. leo vince or akra. I wouldn't go for a jardine personally.
  6. Most Akrapovic pipes have removable baffles.
    It will give you as much noise as you want.
    Read up on there site
    But note, if you start removing baffles it will have a very different aspiration profile and you will want an after marked ECU
  7. This is the thing i get worried about a bit with modifications is you change one thing and it effects another. Ive also had past expieriences with cars is that the more you modify an engine the more pressure there is on it and can lead to mechanical issues. Dont know if this is the same with bikes. Im all for modifications n stuff as long as it does effect my bike mechanically.
  8. Yep, very valid concern.
    That is why I was saying “Do your research”
    Most people say that the big brand After Market Pipes can work without and AM ECU, as stock, But pretty much every one says when you start de-baffling them, you need and AM ECU (Or risk running lean apparently)

  9. Yeh will definately have to do my reseach before making any decisions! Thanks for your advice Falcon Lord! Appreciate it
  10. I've got the Leo Vince (on my R1). Sound doesn't particularly impress me, but its not too loud. I doubt it gives it more power.

    It works fine with the stock ECU.

    I think the CF akra looks the coolest.
  11. the akra evolution is definately the one ive got my eyes on.
    Just gotta look around and find the right deal for one
  12. is it still a fair bit louder than the stock exhaust tho?