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Exhaust upgrade CBF250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by cgn21, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Hi all
    I have a 2008 Honda CBF250 with 6000 klms on speedo and would like some help with whether there is a after market exhaust that will improve the top end(for safer overtaking) but without harming the low end performance
    I am 110kg and my ride to work is 170 klms round trip with the majority of that doing 100klms an hour
    Any feedback much appreciated

  2. Heres you problem
  3. Nope. Not significantly anyway. Save you money for a bigger bike. You could drop a couple of teeth on the rear sprocket, but your acceleration would suffer.
  4. I live in Qld and have 6mths left before i can get my open licence so i am trying to make the best of this situation
    At least i am riding
  5. perhaps a better 250 then if your riding requires it?

    something like a VTR or similar will be a decent amount better.
  6. If you've only got six months left, just change the gearing. It's not worth chucking away more money in the interim.
  7. What kind of top speed are you getting?

    I am riding the exact same bike, I weigh about 85kg.

    I find it happily sits on 100 and I can accelerate fairly quickly to 110km/h. That is, I have no worries speeding up from 100 to 110 to overtake. At 110 it slows but on the flat straight of the Eastern Freeway it will wind out to 125 km/h.

    Of course if you are trying to overtake on hills etc might be an issue. Also, I live in the suburbs/commute to the city, so only spend 20 minutes on the freeway or so per trip so guess that's a bit different.
  8. I'm sure you're familiar with the expression 'on a hiding to nothing.' Simply changing the exhaust will do nothing for you. Jetting changes etc are needed to realise any benefits and that is far too much money to spend on such a bike.

    You really would be better off just waiting out the remaining time and plan the overtaking a bit more. Once you're off your restrictions then go shopping.
  9. Hiya mate
    My top speed is 120 km/h so not much difference
    i am very happy with my CBF was just hoping to get a bit more top end speed
    Not looking forward to losing about half of what i payed for her when the time comes to upgrade