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Exhaust too loud.....

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by doc_chow, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. I have a dansmoto Jisu exhaust, and its just a little too loud for my KTM duke 200.

    however i ordered a baffle and they gave me 2 of them in the mail(Accidental, i think)

    I have installed one already in my exhaust and its still loud, was wandering if i could get the 2nd one, chop the lip off and weld them together......(pics down the bottom)

    would this affect the engine in terms of back pressure, and heat?? i am hoping that this mod will decrease the noise of the exhaust




    [​IMG][/url][/IMG] [​IMG][/url][/IMG] [​IMG][/url][/IMG]
  2. I'm not sure that you'll find anyone here that knows the answer to that. I think you'll need to take the question to an experienced engine tuner to get a proper opinion before you go off experimenting.
    Gas flow is a black art IMO.
  3. Have you repacked the muffler?
  4. Hi Zim

    What does repacked the muffler mean or involve?
  5. Said no motorcyclist ever!
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  6. agree - see my sig for further details
  7. ear plugs are much cheaper!
  8. I've met quite a number of riders that openly said they wished they'd bought a quieter exhaust, and that the constant loudness causes them fatigue and headaches even with earplugs. So, yeah. Some people DO want a quieter exhaust AND the say that sensible noise levels can save lives.
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  9. Can agree. When I put termi's on my bike I thought it was too loud - didn't have earplugs when picked it up from the dealers and damn did it do my head in on the way home - they didn't put the baffles in it. Was ok with earplugs, but I still bought some special "legal look" baffles (shorter with larger aperture) from Germany to take the edge off it - more to reduce obnoxious level rather than too loud for me. Still enjoy short rides without earplugs from time to time to hear her boom.
  10. yeah sure dude
    they will vote yes in the plebiscite also
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  11. I had a Danmoto exhaust for my last bike & went through the same exercise with the baffle - there is only one, for the inlet side. It's a straight through 'muffler' & their blurb states it's not road legal & is designed for track work only.
    And it's LOUD.
  12. Yeah Iam having a bit of trouble with my Dan moto slip ons.. 2009 R1 , it's just to loud and on a long ride starts to make my head ache and ears ringing ..haha

    Just a question does the Dan Moto pipes need re-packing when they get a bit old ?
  13. Then OP can just put back the original pipe. Seems to be an easy solution to me....
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  14. get yourself some earplugs
  15. I didn't get given the standard exhausts with the bike but I did get another set of gytr pipes, but they don't have the brackets ??.. Does anyone no if I can order spare parts for them from gytr ?? Or should I try and get some custom ones made up
  16. hey True BlueTrue Blue, welcome to Netrider - as part of your welcome to the site it is considered good form for you to head over to the Welcome Lounge => Welcome Lounge hopefully someone can then assist you regarding your pipes.
  17. Or a v4 Aprilia
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