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exhaust system

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ilovemynsr150sp, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. hi everyone, i have a nsr 150 sp, im thinkin about upgrading my exhaust system...now i have had a look at the tyga ones and i think i will go with the chamber, not too sure on the silencer tho coz both aluminium and carbon dont look to good...now the standard silencer is not too bad, would i be able to fit the tyga chamber on ym standard silencer and would i have any improvements or will they only come with a new silencer? thanks,

  2. It is better to match a certain make of chamber with silencer. Cause the end can length is usually determined to match the inner dimensions of the expansion chamber. Resulting in improved exhaust dynamics and thus more power. U could fit your standard pipe onto the tyga chamber, if there isnt not too much difference in the end of the chamber and End can. It would require a bit of welding and an adapter plate.

    I have jolly moto pipes on my RGV. Not only do they produce more power, but the weigh savings in awsome. Like 9kg all up.
    Standard end can weights 1.6kg, standard .9kg.

    Heard good things about tygas, alot of people have them, and they got a good rep.
  3. You should try to match the expansion chamber manufacturer with the exhaust can manufacturer. There is a lot of black art magic (or read Gordon Jennigns 2 stroke tuners handbook) into getting them to develop the power and torque curves at the right spot, and also making the engine reliable.

    If you run something mismatched, at the worst case you could have everything setup wrong, and cause serious engine problems like seizures, overheating, and detonation.
  4. Ive got an RS250 with TYGA chambers and alloy cans and they are great.
    Performance increase and over rev is fantastic and the sound is like being at the GP

    And I agree with the above posts match the cans to the system they dont do R&D for nothing

    Now you cant tell me these dont look the goods mate: