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Exhaust system query...fitted new system.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tmg, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    I have fitted my KEAG system. But when I did up the exhaust flanges, they sit out about 3mm from the head on the engine, where as before they made contact. This is due to the exhaust pipe seats (the part that makes contact with the exhaust seals) being larger. will this affect exhaust gas escape? I have done the flanges up as tightly as possible, I am just worried that with a gap that big, it may cause it to leak.
  2. yes there will be a leak, and it will fail your road worthy sorry, the pipes have to seat properly so that they dont leak
  3. so how can I fix it? Deeper flanges or grind away at the seats until they sit flush...
  4. not really sure sorry, dont know if it would be wise to grind down the seats perhaps there is a thicker gasket available, or maybe you could get one made up
  5. well I would think that I could get a seal (either copper or rubber or whatever) to go between the exhaust flanges and the head.

    here's a pic I took earlier of the issue.

  6. this is a CB750 ? Twin-cam ?

    Mine looked very similar to this before I took them off ....

    my pipes were seated into the head, then the flange (the big cast-steel part) was done up ... there was also two "half-pipes" in there between the pipe and the flange ....

    I havnt fitted my new exhaust yet (still waiting for it to arrive) ...

    My gut feeling is that if you take the pipes back off, the middle part of the pipe will seat further into the head, then the flange can do up, tightening on the two half-bits ....
    Geddit ?

    I can send you a pic of a horribly-rusted half-bit if you want....

    Drop me an email... james 'at' portaloz 'dot' tv

  7. If by flanges you mean the locking rings as per ur diagram, Then it probably has sealed up. Like the other bloke said , it looks early (80's) honda or kwacka. I guess you used the shims again. Think they also had a double ring aluminium gasket from memory, Long as thats in , sweet. crank it over, You WILL hear if the header pipes arent seated.
  8. yeah it's seems the pipes are seated. a mate and I re-fitted them and cranked it over. it smoke a bit at first, but then that went away, so it's probably something burning off (oil, moisture - etc...).

    But farout the exhaust note is wicked! :grin: sounds so much meatier now than it used to. It also idles alot smoother, and when you give the throttle a stab, it doesn't cough like the old 4-into-2-into-1 system did, it just responds beautifully.

    I was able to rip out the tip and wrap sound deadening around the stem (that's what I call it, I hope you all know what I mean), and put it back into the muffler and rivited it all back together.

    It sounds like a completely different bike, and no other bike I've heard sounds like mine.

  9. Yay for burning rubber smell :grin: