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Exhaust System for CBR250RR

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by rob_o, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    <n00b ALERT!>

    Just a quick question regarding the exhaust system on my Honda CBR250RR. At the moment it is stock, but I would like it to be a little louder.

    What is the best way to go about this?
    How much am I looking at paying?
    What exhaust system can anyone recommend?
    Is it important to get it tuned straight away?


  2. Drill a hole straight through the guts of it :cool:
    Or get yourself a good, cheap aftermarket muffler :wink:
  3. go for something on ebay. cheap, lots of them. Should be below $200, and put it on yourself. If its a race muffler, you dont need to tune the bike unless you really want to. It shouldnt affect it too much depending on the pipe, but you will get some more power. Maybe if youre doing the pipe, get it to breathe easier with a performance filter, or drill out some holes in youre airbox. Do this and then tune it, and you might notice something. Have fun learning, just ask lots of questions.
  4. Thanks guys...

    I have been told to just drill the guts of it to remove some of the baffling inside of it. Is this a good idea?

    I'll keep scanning eBay...
  5. Better to buy, but cheaper to drill.
    I welded a 10mm drill bit to a piece of 10mm rod and drilled right through the end of the muffler on my old Suzuki
  6. If its noise youre after, drill away. Keep in mind that the pipe is desighned to process emissions with the baffle in place. I dont know much about pipes, but theres something that tells me it probably wont do youre engine any favours. That and it will probably sound like poo. CBR's scream enough as it is with a nice pipe.
  7. Well there was a little experiment done on my cbr250rr pipe thanks to russ (grim32) and my bike sounds a lot better and is leaving me sh*tting myself everytime i pass a cop car thinking i'm gonna get deffected because my bike seems to be twice as loud as it used to be. Basically what been done to it is the baffle at the engine end has been drilled out, and the end bit taken off with 8 drill holes added. Its hard to explain, i'll see if i can post picturs which will make it a lot easier. From memory it sounds quite similar to the yoshi's on em, however i haven't started mine up next to one, so don't iknow for sure. But russ did the same to his across, and if anything, both our 2fiddy's with stock - modified pipes sound louder then geoff's gsxr600 with a yoshi on it.
  8. Ive been told to that the stock pipes work in intermitant plates inside. So its kinda like a maze for the air to go through.

    So drilling out the middle will just let it breath easier.
  9. At the end of the day its a 250. save your money for the next bike
  10. or you could just be happy with the 250, spend the cash and have an awesome custom bike like me... Oh wait, i must be some kind of wimp who needs to get balls or something, cos who wouldnt upgrade to a bigger bike? Why save for the next bike if youre happy with youre current one? I guarantee when mine is finnished, it will turn more heads than a late model thousand. just wait....
  11. ummmm.... yeah I could, but there is nothing wrong with the bike. Maybe a bit small and not much power, but it is enough for me. And I know that its "only" a 250, but I'm on my L's and I have to stick with this bike for over 12 months. I'm not expecting to double my power, all I want is a nicer exhaust note.

    Thanks for your comments. Like I wrote above, Im not gonna be customising my bike heaps. However the bike is in really good condition and I wanted to do a few things to it.
  12. lol i read yours right as "why in the f' would you want a cbr250 louder?"

    seriously... a 250 is a 250. use it to do the following:

    1. learn
    2. learn
    3. learn
    4. take apart for bits after you drop it
    5. practice stupid stunts on after doing steps 1-3

    nah honestly... i know there are genuine reasons for wanting to do what you enquired about, hell i've seen a toyota starlet run a quick 400m with a turbo and a bit of work... but i think people forget that just because it's a bike, doesn't make it different. it's a 250 - that's like a 1.2 litre. if you want a bit more out of it and plan to keep it for a long time, fair enough. but to be completely honest, a noiser 250? i do fail to see the point. not picking on you specifically, i just personally believe the money could be spent on bigger and ebetter things....


    (by the way before taking that rant seriously i had a 12 second datsun 200b that now sits with its motor tied to it with a bit of hose so i understand if you just really want that exhaust to start with :p )
  13. Thats the exhaust on the across now,

    On the CBR the center of the pipe sticks out about 2 inches so we just cut that off and then drilled it the same as above.
  14. is the above technique ok for the bike tho? i thought bout doing it in the past, but wont you lose power as the exhaust is less efficient in circulating fumes? isnt it bad for your rings? im not sure, so let me know too, for future referance
  15. dont cut the end of a cbr just drill it through the headers end.
    Been also told u get slight power loss down low and no backpresure is bad for ur pistons. But who cares about bottom end power on a 250 cbr
  16. I actually think the opposite, I can't say for sure unless I were to have a low rev drag with a stocker, but i think it feels less retricted down low. Before at 60kays in 6th gear it would feel like it'd run outta fuel. The other night i tried it on a pretty steep hill for a main road, 6th gear at 60 kays and it held its speed.

    See if your interested in performance change, see if you can find out 1/4 mile times for a stock cbr with an average rider (not one of the pros that'll somehow do it nearly a second faster then everyone else can). I've drilled those hole through mine and take one of the baffles out and I ran 14.7 last wednesday. Was told thats pretty normal. Was my first time dragging so I didn't really nail my take offs, but I rekon i could get it down to 14.5.

    Hope that helps.

  17. Im with you Paul, more torque and less down changing for hills.
    As for getting the most out of it you would have to adjust the carbies to suit, a before and after run on a bike dyno would be interesting but who cares lol its a 250, im just happy its loud :grin:
  18. +1 :grin: :twisted: :LOL:
  19. You can get a nice looking brand new, carbon fibre jobby from Megacycle for $450, do that and keep your stocker should ever get busted by the EPA
  20. That's exactly what I was after. I'd like to keep my original exhaust standard rather than butchering it