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Exhaust Sealant

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mattb, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. G'day All.

    Went into Autobahn to get something to seal my exhaust where it meets the header pipe, but there were two products that caught my eye so I want some advice. There was basically the goo in a tube, or there was the tape. The goo would look better than an inch-wide bit of red tape, however, my exhaust tends to vibrate very noticeably right where the join is (the whole bike shakes and vibrates at idle with the big single pulses); does anybody know if, once dry, the goo goes too rigid such that the stuff would break down when constantly shaken? If that's the case I'll get the tape, but otherwise the goo.

  2. The goo goes rock hard, and bonds pretty well. I use exhaust goo on my 250, the pipe touches down before the pegs do, so the goo is a bit of a sacrificial layer. Sticks like shit to a blanket, too. It'll sort youjr rattles out. just set, idle or go for a short ride for a few minutes, and leave it overnight.
  3. +1. CRC product isn't it? White tube.
  4. Thanks for that guys, I went and got the CRC stuff and put it on. I do have a question though:

    Because of some complications of a non-stock header which won't allow me room to put in a new exhaust gasket, I simply replaced the old thinner gasket. To ensure a proper seal I wiped the goo over the gasket and put it in place. I figure the goo will set and not come apart (such that it enters back into the engine), and that even if somehow some of it turned to grain or dust it'd be blown out the exhaust, not sucked back in to the cylinder. That sounds right, huh?

  5. yep, that'll happen. just remember to use a bit of persuasion when you need to split it again!