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Exhaust running dirty... (Air filter?)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Grunge, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wanted some advice on my zxr:

    I've recently cleaned the air filter, as I felt it was running quite dirty (black on the exhaust.)

    I spent 1 day of the weekend doing that (evident by my way eariler post where I dropped the screw in the engine area,) cleaning it with Metho and then Kero (wasn't sure if they used filter oil or motor oil on it,) trying to let it dry, and then soaking it with SAE30 motor oil before putting it back on.

    It's been about a month since, and it seems as if my exhaust is still running dirty.
    Just to get perspective, I ride about 3 times a week on average, sometimes more, and just recently after 2 rides from having cleaned the exhaust clean with baking soda, it left a brownish residue already.

    Just wanted to check does it sound about right as I presumed that most bikes would have start to dirt up after a month or so.

    Should I try to re-clean the filter (kero as I've used motor oil) wait until absolutely dry (even if it takes days) and then soak with oil? Or am I just being paranoid and just up and ride?

    Just wanted some opinions from people. It doesn't seem like the filter's close to worn out, and in any case, I've gotten a new filter to be safe. Maybe I should just change it?

    Opinions and help anyone?
  2. You're not supposed to soak the filter in oil, you're supposed to lightly coat teh filter.
    That could be your problem, although it could be others.
    My Z ran rich, and the muffler would go black in a week. If you are getting good economy, ignore it.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. In regard to Oil filters and Air cleaners!
    You change change the oil filter and blow out the Air cleaner. If the air cleaner is still dirty replace it.
    Dirty oil filters and air cleaners tend to block up more rapidly the new ones because you can't clean them 100%.
    You can't avoid the exaust residue it could happen in a week depending on weather conditions.
    If you are getting a brownish residue it sounds like you have gotten water/moisture in the exaust and that is what is comming out.

  4. If it's a paper filter, then you don't wash it.

    It would be rooted after that.

    As to the exhaust colour, I'd be doing plug chops to get an idea if it was running rich
  5. *cough* a lot of Kawasaki air filters are reusable, made out of some sort of synthetic fibre....*cough*.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Yeap! The ones I have are foam filters. FYI, I soaked it then pressed the excess oil out, so that when left it doesn't drip oil.
    I then let it try to dry for abotu 1 hour (it was in the dark last time) before putting it in the bike again.

    The soot seems to be regular black soot, so maybe I'll just leave it a while longer to see what happens, I've prolly just over oiled it. :p
  7. I'm not convinced the motor oil will work sufficiently on air filters. It's a lubricant first and foremost and isn't very tacky once dry. I'd be inclined to clean the filter and use air filter oil like used on offroad bikes.
    Also if the filter is more than 12 months old, bin it and buy a new one.
  8. Outbreak: Not sure how old the Filter is.. so I might change it, definitely doesn't look like it dying tho'.
    However, on the oil thing: Even the tech's manual says to use SAE30 motoroil, and I've had places tell me that I can use regular motor oil for this. I know you're not convinced, and I can see why , but for me it seems logical sorta. I think I'll wait a while and if it doesnt' clear up. I'll chuck the filter away, put in the new one with filter oil. :]
  9. Update: I opened up the filter today morning, and saw a big gloob of (excess) oil right at the underside of the filter.
    So I used a spare rag to squeeze it out a little. I guess I did over oil it a little.. Hopefully this'll take less than a week for it to stop running a little rich/dirty.