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Exhaust Repair?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by dburmas, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    I'm putting a Suzuki SV1000 K6 back into original shape. I've removed the damaged exhausts and sourced some stock ones from the US. The problem is that these stock pipe, once bolted on, doesn't mate upto the stock holes in the rear footpegs (Short by around 3-4 cms).
    So, I need some advice on the best solution. I can see the following possibilities...

    1) Go to a pipe bender and get the stock mid-pipe cut and extended 3-4 cms.
    2) Fashion up a long washer/rubber hanger to fill the gap.

    My preference is for 1, but wanted to get some advice.

  2. The US version is probably different, that'll teach you for not supporting local business!

    You mean the hanger that hangs the muffler from the pegs? You could make one to suit, or perhaps the one on it at the moment is for an aftermarket exhaust?
  3. Ha Ha yeah your right. US SV1000 HAS to be different huh!

    When I fit the exhaust the hanger that is part of the footpegs doesn't match the bracket that is welded onto the standard exhaust. It's about 3 cm short. So I was thinking of lengthening the midpipe by around 3 cms so that the bracket and hanger hole matchup. Does anyone know a GOOD exahust guy that works on bikes in the south east suburbs?

  4. he is putting stock cans back on not aftermarket

    imo just make a longer bracket, do you just need the stock pipes to it to pass rwc? if so pm
  5. I'm returning the bike to stock. It did have yoshi' but both were badly crushed during an accident. I've repaired the bike and gotten stock cans from the states.

    I want the bike to look good, so that why I'm leaning towards extending the midpipe on each side by a few cms. The alternative might be cutting/alu welding the hanger that is attached to the rear footpegs to the right position. But I figured welding on the exhaust would be cleaner.

  6. I was a bit vague there, perhaps someone has changed the hanger to aftermarket to suit the yoshi better? If it & the pipes are original then it should all mate up with no worries...

    If the exhausts were badly crushed I would make sure the hangers aren't bent too, just in case.

    Getting a new bracket make would be a lot cheaper than exhaust work, I reckon, & if done right would look just as neat...
  7. The length of the pipes is relevant to the tuning of the engine. If you're sure the pipes are the correct stock ones then modifying the hanger bracket (or bolting on an extra strap) would make sense. If the existing bracket is original (not modified for the Yoshis) then the pipes you bought are not the right ones.
  8. Pipes are probably different to suit the differing emissions and sound laws in the States. I'd be leaning towards getting the pipes extended, even though that's probably the most expensive way of approaching it. It will look a lot better (especially if you can have the join made in a place that can't be seen), than making different hangers which will be very obvious.