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Exhaust Re-chromed

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by tonner, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. probably a stupid question but is it possible to get an exhaust re-chromed without removing the baffles etc

  2. Found out the aswer myself today, yes it can be done...Gold Coast Electroplating at Labrador $100-$200 depeding on condition. =D>
  3. Hmm got lead astray slightly, after travelling all the way to the coast for a firm quote with the intentions of leaving the pipes ther to be done the price suddenly went up to $350 regardless of condition...decided they will look fine flat black

    I hate misleading Sales guys :mad:
  4. That's OK, I like flat black. :)
  5. Chrome times are intended to go OVER an exhaust pipe, not BE one. I have ordered a new chromed guard to replace my scrached one. It may be the Exec has the chrome while the standard uses black. The item is made of plastic which makes one wonder.

  6. WTF ????
    Cant make head nor tale of this post.....an Exhaust made of plastic????

    Anyways painted em black with header paint but am not going to use them so if anyone wants a set of Formula 1 pipes for an XVS650 Classic or Custom let me know....$130.00....would look great on a Bobber
  7. Finding a cromer who doesnt mind doing used pipes isnt easy,they need to be very clean or there very expensive baths get contaminated.Check out Ceramic coating,not as shiny as crome but its rust resistant and helps contain the thermal load= bit more power.Usualy $100 a muffler or so.It can be various colours including black
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  8. Why would you bother rechroming a set of V star 650 pipes?
    My Baffles rusted out because the previous owner never used it, I bought an unused set for $80.00 on ebay.
  9. If it is a complete set of pipes you are talking about for $80 then lucky you I guess, I bought a set of pipes but the chrome is not that good.