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Exhaust polishing... by hand

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Grumply, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. I decided to give my exhaust header (and the small section of the mid-pipe that I could reach) a bit of a polish in preparation for fitting my new exhaust.

    Pretty basic process, a tube of Autosol Metal Polish, a rag and about 50 minutes worth of elbow grease later...


  2. That looks great grumply, might do the same to the Monster. :)
  3. Do it! It really goes a long way towards freshening up the appearance of the bike.
  4. that has come up really nice grumply, well done.
  5. It's definitely worth doing if you want to make your bike look that much nicer.
    I made a thread here about it here as well: https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=114690

    There's some other pictures there too, as well.

    Just one thing - don't use steel wool and polish. It ends up rusting a bit later when the steel wool parts left in the pipe start to break down.
  6. so the brown on the exhaust isn't rust?
  7. Depends on your exhaust, but if the headers are stainless then you can polish them up like new

    Just don't use steel wool. The steel in steel wool will rust and if you use it on the header pipes tiny bits of the steel wool get embedded in the stainless steel in the headers and then rust leaving loads of tiny little rust spots

    Before and after of mine is here
  8. Have you tried doing your helmet by the same method?
  9. Yep! Worked a treat, my helmets now has a shiny stainless steel finish - which I reckon is pretty damn impressive considering it's made of plastic.
  10. Mines flesh and blood.
  11. I have done mine by hand quite a few times. The first time it takes ages, but it's very quite about once a month or so.
    The polishing action seems to come very natural to me for some reason.
  12. when too shiny aint shiny enough

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  13. I use an old footie boot lace and a dollop of autosol. Loop the lace around the pipe and work it back and forth moving along the length of the tube.
  14. All the time, but not with steel wool or Autosol!
    I find a small dollop of my favourite conditioner leaves my helmet smelling fresh for a day or so...