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exhaust pipe

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by 99sydrd, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Hi, I wanna know if im better off putting custom 3inch exstractors on or just a hot dog muffler, i want the bike to sound like an old 351 cleveland,
    not a sewing machine.The bike is a gs500 with 2 pistons. Any hp gain is a bonus.

    Any recommendation of an manufacturer/ installer in sydney who knows what there doing ?
  2. Please tell me you are taking the piss ?
  3. ummm whether or not your taking the piss, you will never get a parallel twin to sound like a V8 specially not a old clevo, noone actually makes a set of headers for the GS but they can be custom made, i don't know who made mine as i got them 2nd hand, but they were 1/4inch larger diameter then standard, and had a lazer slip on muffler

    go much bigger then that, you will have no power
  4. Mate Chickibabe has a noice Staintune slip on for sale that sounds the ducks gutz!!! Maybe PM her??
  5. Definetly taking the piss razor - cbr, just after a slip on and installer !
    will enquire about the staintune, cheers ! hopefully it will sweeten the sound up just that little bit more !
  6. The headers won't really affect the noise that much.
    If you purely want a different sound, then you need to change the pipe. Thicker pipes give a deeper sound, shorter pipes give a louder sound. Just remember, you will also need to change the carb jets if you modify this.
    Best suggestion would be to remove the pipe where they meet the headers, then get someone (preferably with a mandrel) to bend some new pipe to the desired length and position. Use an adaptor plate if you change the pipe diameter. Mount and add your muffler.
    If you want to make the sound even better, then shorten the muffler. You can do this by dismantling it, cutting length off the tube, and then repack it.
    The big question is ... would you bother with a GS500?
  7. thanks g2teg, I enquired about the cost, its very expensive to carry out that mod and probably for not much gain.

    Anyway I took a big sports bike for a ride the other day and didnt realise what ive been missing out on. I've decided to trade suzie in on something more suitable.

    Its a whole new ball game now i have a full licence.cheers