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Exhaust Noise Testing

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by roundman58, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. I have been in discussion with EPA Victoria over the past few days regarding the possibility of a noise testing day for motorcyclists.
    The gentlemen I have spoken with are enthusiastic and more than happy to help organise this event. They see this as a great media opportunity for themselves, the community and especially motorcyclists. I fully agree with this chance to show motorcyclists doing something positive about their image.
    It was made clear that no infringement notices would be issued, nor would records be kept of offending exhausts. An "unofficial" warning will be given to anyone over the decibel limit, and the onus will then be on the owner to correct any problems.
    We need to gauge the amount of people interested in this service, as if the numbers are to large and EPA Vic set a limit, a register will be intiated to help things run smoothly.
    Currently this service cannot be implementd until May, due to rosters at EPA Vic. Also the venue, MRA HQ needs to be approved by EPA Vic.
    As more details come to light I will keep everyone posted.
    For those who want to have their exhaust tested sooner, this can be done for $27.50 at the authorised testing stations to be found at http://www.epa.vic.gov.au/Noise/testers.asp .

  2. Obvious question, WHY????
  3. Others have suggested that they would like to know the decibel level of their exhaust for personal reasons, some before they venture into NSW. If we can have this happen for no cost to riders, why not?
  4. I think not long ago a Netrider (sorry I cant remember who but rides a Silver Harley) was booked by the EPA on his way to coffee night.

    So this is a chance to find out if you are over or not.
  5. That was me and i got a free test from Mr EPA and 28 days to fix it.

    Not going to coffee night that way any more cost to much for coffee otherwise.
  6. which way???? :)
  7. Which way to coffee was that?
    Did they have a test station set up, or were you just pulled over for a roadworthy?

    generally if you have an aftermarket pipe then you know it is most likely going to be over the limit.

    I imagine that you would only expect bikes with standard exhausts to front up to a voluntary test station.
  8. What has not been mentioned so far which should cut the line down, strange how certain groups forget important facts!
    If you have an 2005 complienced bike you dont need to do the test as your bike falls under a different ADR which basically works on a signature print. I'm sure the MRA can post details of this.
    Also certain stock standard unmodified bikes will not pass EPA noise testing, once again i do believe the MRA should post this list to.
    With these two points being discussed, many will find there is no need for there bike to be tested. I'm sure though Shane was going to post all these details asap!
  9. I am fairly sure it was in Albert Park on the way in and I think it was a testing station.

    Groberts knows the full details.


    Sorry Shabby but I have not heard of this one. From what I am led to beleive is that all stock exhaust and after market exhaust systems sold must be labled and comply with the noise test.

    A Ducati 999s with a 125db system that is stock is that to loud or is that OK because that is the stock labeled pipe on the bike?

    My SV650S has a 89db noise test and I know that mine is well above that with the MADAZ pipe, but I think it is under 100db (or very close). So does that make mine illegal because its over (if it is its only just) the 100db ceiling or because the difference in Label (on the bike from stationary noise test) and actual (stationary noise test) is more than 10%?

    This is the problem in NSW and it looks like it's making it to Melbourne quickly.

    PS: I will be trying to be first in line to get this done t see exactly where the SV sits.
  10. If groberts posts here today then something has gone terribly wrong
  11. I'd come along if I'm free on the day
  12. exactly why i put that info up Thejewishone, if the 999 is complience 2005 yeah then its fine, if its complienced 2004 then nope wont pass.
    Just a shame in the MRA way they leave out the important parts isnt it.

  13. As if they will not keep records.
    You don't work for the epa or the coppers do you?
    No way will I assist any government agency if I don't have to.
  14. I'd be keen to find out how I faired
  15. Do most bikes come with this test? Mine comes with a factory sticker on the frame saying tested and meets noise emission standards of Australia lower than 84.5dB at 4500rpm.
  16. I agree with Smee

    and i don't need the EPA to tell me my bike makes too much noise... :LOL:
  17. How many of us ride 2005 complianced bikes? I would venture to guess that it's a minority. Therefore, such a service would be useful to those whose bikes come under the older ADR 39 regs.

    How does this work? What bikes, which are factory standard would fail? And under what rules/law?

    And no, I'm going to "ask the MRA". You made the statement, therefore I'd like to hear why you think that this would be the case.

    Thing is, if the EPA held such a day, it could also advise riders how the new noise emissions laws work, how we fare if we get pinged in NSW and return to Victoria with a NSW defected bike, and what we have to do to have it rectified, particularly if it already is compliant in Victoria.

    I suppose that there are the paranoid amongst us who think that it's a trick to get us to voluntarily submit our bikes to testing, and then cop a $500 fine. To them, here's an idea. Remove your number plates and trailer the bikes to the venue.
  18. Actually Martin i was pointing out the fact that in another post the MRA fails to actually state facts or even ADR rules, they rather spread fear by posting half details and crap.
    Major ADR changes for 2005 you asked how many of us ride 2005 complience, does it really matter? The fact the ADR has completely changed and therefore previous models that do not comply all of a sudden do comply. I do believe this point should have been raised.
    You also asked what bikes do not make it under pre 2005 ADR, lets see a newsletter you put together had them listed, also now hmmm was also mentioned at 2 MRA QGM's and god knows how many times i have posted the info. Once again this info should have been posted in the original message from Shane.
    The fact these two points have been left out, leaves a few questions to be asked, i guess the first is do the MRA or Shane really know what there on about when it comes to the Muffler regs and ADR? i for one do not believe they have any idea.
  19. I can see what Shane is trying to do but I can only say "don't do it"
    They will be collecting data to see if it is justifiable to start conducting EPA tests on a more regular basis.

    The MRAA should go out and spend $100 and buy itself an audometer and conduct the tests themselves.
  20. You are such a cynic Vic..there should be more of us.....
    Like shootin' fish in a barrel :shock: