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exhaust noise level - satisfying EPA

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by frabel, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I got a notice in the mail about excessive noise, and having to get my bike checked by an approved noise tester. I'm hoping to get some advice on how to proceed.

    I have a 2000 GSXR600 with yoshimura trs exhaust. I've no idea how loud it is, but suspect it probably is a bit above regulations. I was thinking I would need to change to a different exhaust, but then found out you can purchase a low volume insert (TRS-INS-K). Does anyone know if this is likely to lower my exhaust volume enough for testing? Or are there any other options I should consider?

    Thanks for any help!

  2. Not sure where you are, but in general the limit for motorcycles and heavy vehicles used to be 95dBA. Might be lower now.

    In Brisbane, the City Council buses pass by about 1dB normally, ie, they are right on the limit (my nephew is responsible for compliance testing).

    If your bike is noticably louder than either a modern car, or a bus, you will not pass a genuine noise test.

    3dB is the minimum normally recognised as what the human ear can determine to be a noise level difference, and is a doubling of sound level.

    Modern cars have a limit of 90dB at half a metre at 45 degrees to the exhaust outlet, so in reality if your bike is "noticably" louder than a 2010 Camry, you would not pass an EPA noise test.
  3. melbourne. On the notice it says after 1985 - 94db. pre 85 100db. car after 1983 90db. car pre 83 96db.

    I've ordered the noise insert part, and hopefully that will be ok! it says it wiill reduce db by upto 10.
  4. Hmm, having the insert doesn't always have your bike passed..
    It will depend on the tester as legally, the silencer has to be a permanently fixed part of the exhaust and not one just held in by a screw...

    Sometimes they just test the bike as you present it but I've know others who come across a nit pick of a tester who's looked for this...

    Good luck..
  5. my exit pipe doesn't currently have a hole in it, so was hoping I could just jam it in there!
  6. After getting the noise insert part if still no good then go see this company. Fixed up plenty people in your situation to quieten the exhaust to pass rwc, epa, defects etc

    222 Cheltenham Road, Keysborough 3173
    Tel: (03) 9769 1200
  7. well I took it in for noise testing today. The tester indicated that the insert would need to be welded in for him to pass it. We tested it for noise before fitting it properly, and unfortunately with the insert in, was still 99db. So called up megacycle and will drop by soon - hopefully they can help me fix it up ok.
  8. That's pretty much what I thought in regards to the silencer being a permanent part of the exhaust......
    I've know people to use solder which if done correctly, will appear to be welded then you could easily remove it...
    Of course you could end up getting another letter in the mail if you do...

    Would be interested to see what kind of silencer you had.. (pic if possible)
    Then post what megacycle does to your exhaust....

    Could be helpful for others in the same situation....
  9. I have a feeling it still wont pass even with the silencer in it unless its a permanent fixture of the exhaust (ie welded in place not screwed in and detachable). Im fairly certain on the install manual for the exhaust it says, "for off road use only"
  10. I just installed the silencer in my Jardine gp shorty pipe on my new gixxer 750. It was obscenley loud and the silnecer had cut down the note dramatically. Pretty should as stated above that the pipe needs to have a "fixed" silencer/baffle inside it.
    Do you not have the stock can for the bike? I have one for my 750 and it may fit yours???? If you are in Melbourne you can borrow it for the test then put your other one back with an insert. Just a thought.

  11. yeah I was thinking maybe I could use plumbing solder! i kind of like it how it is, but I'm thinking I wouldn't actually mind if it is a quieter anyway - I get up and go to work quite early and don't like to think I am waking the neighbours.

    don't have any pics, but here is a link to the yoshimura website where it is listed right down the bottom - this is exactly what I bought.

  12. Hi,

    yes I agree it sounds like need it welded in for the test. the install guide doesn't mention off road only. the website also lists it as a road part. the person I bought it off also said it was the correct model for a road bike. and it fits perfectly!
  13. how do u get it in the mail ???? like upset neighbour ???
  14. Hi, unfortunately I don't have the standard exhaust - how it is now is how I bought it. Thanks for hte offer of the lend - I am in melb (beaumaris), and i'd be very keen if I thought it would fit. I was looking at the stock mufflers today for a 2000 gsrx600, and they seem to need to bolt onto a mount on the end of the pipe, whereas with mine the pipes seem to slide into each other and then hold together with a couple of springs. so im figuring to change the muffler is a bit of a big job if the connections aren't matching?
  15. Hi, I thought for a while it may have been someone complaining, but then found on the notice it says I was observed by EPA or police as being excessively noisy. I figure lots of people must get these, because a 10min walk through the city at lunch, and I would hear at least 5 bikes much noisier than mine!
  16. My Yoshi TRS exhaust came with that insert when I purchased it new. When I first fitted the exhaust to the bike I had the insert in, then after a month or two I decided to take it out to see how much difference there was. To be honest, there wasn't a huge difference noticeable between having it in or out, so I have left it out. On a recent trip away after spending 6 or so hours a day on the bike I started thinking about putting it back in as it seemed to be quite loud when I rode through towns at 50 or 60 km/h, but possibly actually using the piece of pipe as a template to make a longer piece so that it quietens a bit more. At a guess I would think the piece of insert is probably about 4 or 5 inches long now, so I was thinking of making another piece of pipe that is possibly 2 or 3 inches longer to see if that made a difference. Not sure if it would work or not....
  17. well attempt no.2 and a fail again! insert was modified, and it made a big difference to the volume, but still read in at 97/98db apparently. It looks like I need to change mufflers, whihc is a pain as the standard muffler doesn't fit anymore without changing my whole exhaust. i'm going to get a standard muffler modified to fit my bike.
  18. That is no good, hopefully you can get something cheap to fix.

    on a side note I purchased a $40 DB meter(ebay), it has proven to pretty accurate, I was worried about my bike, but not any more.
  19. Did you go to Megacycle in Cheltenham Rd?
  20. yes i did. ken was very helpful. he modified my current exhaust, and somehow that still didn't pass. I strong;ly get the feeling that if it isn't a stock exhaust then the tester doesn't want to pass it, even if it may read ok. maybe they know the tricks we get up to! then ken modified a stock muffler to fit on my pipes and that passed for me. the tester looks for the numbers on the muffler, and apparently is says on a sticker on the bike what the stock muffler numbers should be. once this matched up, he passed it. anyone iin this situation i recommend just put on a stock muffler rather than trying to get your current one passable - mine had to be modified to fit, but got this done at megacycle for very little money.

    thank god this is over!!!