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Exhaust Mod on ZZR-250. Anyone done it?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Beefcake, Jun 26, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone has modified or 'hotted up' their exhaust on a ZZR-250.
    Yes your all probably wondering.......why would he want to do that?? but me thinks that if i am going to keep it until i'm off my P's, I may as well enjoy it and try to get a decent sound out of it. Is it possible to do this? Is it even worth it? I have had the exhausts off completly and it just sounded like a real bad mower.....not cool!
    I ahve noticed when I back off after a decent rev, it has a bit of a growl to it. I thought with a decent slip-on it may sound a bit meatier?

    Anyway, i'd be glad to hear what people think, any ideas etc.


  2. I took the zzr exhaust and fitted it to the gpx... looks way cooler :cool:
  3. Do the ZZRs benefit from a bafflectomy as much as a GPX? If so, you need to find a long rod and a hammer... :p
  4. yes i had aftermarket pipes (megacycle pipes) on my zzr, and yes it was loud, shocked alot of members here with just how loud/good it did sound ;) But i agree with you, if you are going to be stuck on a bike for a year and a bit you might aswell enjoy it, so yeah if you can find some s/h hand pipes I recommend the upgrade, it's your money do what you want with it.

    Cheers Stewy
  5. What were these megacycle pipes worth out of interest?
  6. This is where the painful bit comes in... new Megacycle pipes will set you back in excess of $600.

    I had them on my baby z, and although they didn't do much for the performance, they definately did something for the sound of the bike.
  7. Ouch.. Think i'll pass on getting any new then... If anyone has some s/h by all means PM me :)
  8. I ended up at the wreckers the other day. They want to charge $300-$500 for a set of secondhand exhausts!! For a couple of hundred more I can have brand new aftermarket pipes with S/S internals and end caps.

    It's un-avoidable now, I have to get something because I tried to do a 'bafflectomy' on one of the pipes the other day and i was drilling and drilling and in the end i realised that there is no way the baffle will come out, she's a premanent fixture. Now I have one dodgy looking exhaust...............looks like a bit of swiss cheese! Mind you, it does have a bit of a growl now!! :grin:
  9. Well, let me know how you go with it, how much it costs and where from etc, be much appreciated :)
  10. pm Stewy, he totalled his bike with the megacycles on, so he still may have his old set of ZZR pipes in his shed....
  11. A few years ago i bought a brand new magnum system. It had stainless steel headers and mid pipe and it converted it to a single muffler and carbon fibre can for $700.
  12. I picked up a brand new 2-1 System for the ZZR-250 for $650 inc freight right to my door. It has stainless front and rear plates on the muffler and has S/S internals the muffler body is polished alloy and the pipes are chrome plated steel. Haven't had it arrive yet, but am expecting to put it on at the end of the week. If you are interested, contact Mark at mcperformance.com.au, he can make something to suit your budget.

    Will let you know how it looks/sounds when I install it.