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Exhaust, Intake, Fuel management for VT750

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Spiritrider, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. G'day all,
    Proud owner of a 2007 Honda VT750C2 Shadow Spirit.
    For the uninitiated, it's a shaft driven, fuel injected bike.

    I would like to fit an aftermarket exhaust system, an air intake system and a fuel managment system.

    I've read a partially similar forum post and likewise my problem is that the US market where virtually all of these parts originate doesn't cater for it as the USA 2007 VT750C2 model was carburetted.

    Besides Cobra I can't find a manufacturer that actually makes all three systems. I've contacted them and they've said none of their parts are suitable for my bike. I'm in the process of checking with Honda if there's any difference between the engine and PGM-FI system in my bike and that in the current Honda USA Phantom and Shadow RS 750 models (which Cobra do make parts for).

    So far I'm drawing a big blank with the internet. I like the Cobra Streetrod Slashdown exhaust pipes, the Cobra Powrflo Air Intake and the Cobra Fi2000R fuel managment system, Alternatively, also the Vance and Hines Cruzer exhaust pipes, Kuryakyn Hypercharger Air Intake and possibly the Power Commander V fuel managment system. While most of this gear will fit the bike, how well will it work? I don't want pipes without the O2 sensor that makes the engine warning light come on. I don't want to add an intake and pipes without changing the fuel management computer because who wants a bike that runs very lean and backfires and detonates like crazy every time you backdown. In other words it deserves to be done right or the problems outweigh the gains and end up spoiling the pleasure of riding.

    Has anyone out there performed any of these mods on their post 2007 fuel injected VT750 (any variant)?

    If so, what'd you buy and do (and who from) and how well has it worked out?

    Thanks in advance. I love my bike and like most cruiser riders, want the most out of it and like it customised.
  2. Check the latest Road rider cruiser mag. I saw an add in there about shadow pipes. Could have been vance and hines but cant remember.

    They were black and a bit short looking.
  3. There are o2 sensor eliminators out there, check them out as well.

    Sure that power commander will have a system maybe even auto tune version as well.

    It will cost you at least one dyno run to setup, but that is cheap insurance against leaning out the engine with intake and exhaust improvements.
  4. hey mate..

    i just sent you a PM :)