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Exhaust-ing gear on a GS500e

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Ouicava, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. G'day guys. I have an '89 Suzuki GS500e and am interested in doing it up slowly over the next x number of years, as time and money allows. So I guess I'll pepper you lot with questions along the way, happy to get any feedback.

    First up, I'd like to do something with the pipes on it. I bought the bike 2nd hand and they weren't in the best condition, and after a couple extra years living next to the ocean they are covered in rust and do not look good. I've hit them with a bit of degreaser and a high-pressure water hose to get the surface crap off and am now considering my next move.

    How difficult is the process of removing them for touch up? The bike is black and I am wondering if I can get that stuff that coats fireplaces in black to put on them, it's called something like lampblack I think. It's heat resistant and is a fitting colour for the rest of the bike.

    Alternately, is replacing them cost effective?
  2. yeah get some pot belly black on there!

    or hit up ebay, i have bought 2 exhausts off there now for a fair price.
  3. What are your future plans for the bike? If your looking at upgrading air filter, rejetting carbs and upgrading the exhaust (it's recommended to do all this together) then I'd look at the cheapest option of keeping the current exhaust until finance allows that. So yeah, remove the surface rust and give it a coat with some heat resistant paint to stop it rusting again.

    If you're not going to do that then go for the option that most suits what you want to do with the bike. If the pot belly black is the look your after then go for it.

    PS. If you're not already aware there is a forum at http://www.gstwin.com/ with loads of valuable info for the GS500.