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Exhaust info?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Bugjuice88, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Ok so after getting my new special edition Z1000 :cool: ... and getting the first service done Ive been thinking about exhaust options. Ive seen a couple of options with a full system. Arrow do nice headers that ive been considering, although I want a black pipe because of the whole orange black colour scheme a shiny silver pipe is not my thing.

    Talking to the spare parts guy he reckons that going with bigger headers it will lose the bottom end:confused:. He reckons that I should stick with slip ons.

    Has anyone else with a 4cyclinder thou found that bigger headers lose the bottom end? I reckon getting rid of that massive cat would only help!

    I had a Suzuki sierra 1300 and put extractors and a straight through pipe on it. It had very little back pressure and wanted to stall, once you got her goin she flew, it didn’t sacrifice any torque (not that there was much to start with), it massively increased the torque. And why do 4wders spend a small fortune on a larger exhaust if it sacrifices torque? Isn’t that what 4wding is about?

    OK and sorry for the long post but can someone also explain how shape and size changes the volume and tone of the engine? Does a longer pipe make a deeper note or larger diameter at idle?

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  2. That is a pretty good explanation. Now I need to figure out how it applies to my bike and its current exhaust.

    Any ideas for sound-size relationship?
  3. I know there are lots of brands out there but I can never in good conscience recommend anything but Staintune for full systems or slip-ons. That's just my personal opinion and you're under no obligation to agree with me ... but I don't think I've even been wrong in recommending them. They are, of course, shiny stainless.
  4. Unfortunately they don't make a pipe for the current model z1000. My old man has one on his strom sounds awesome and is really good quality.
  5. It might be worth ringing them. Sometimes the old and new models aren't that different.
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    Information in its most basic form...

    Products from the main players in the aftermarket exhaust systems world, ie. the likes of Leo Vince, Arrows, Akroprovic, 2 Brothers etc, are usually well thought out products. The design of the visible bits, shape, colour, price etc are going to be the major determining factors, rather than over thinking the engineering elements of a particular brand/model.

    Slipon = nice sound, easy fitting, better looks, no need for retuning ( ie power commander or similar ) in most cases, small weight saving, no or minimal improvement in power output.

    Full system = nice sound, easy fitting, better looks, need for retuning ( ie power commander or similar ) in most cases, modest weight saving, small or modest improvement in power output.

    If your going to go the full system route,
    1] a full system will remove the cat...a good thing for performance, but a bad thing if you normally find yourself attracting the attentions of plod, and said plod want to be arseholes.
    2] check to see if you have an oxygen sensor in the standard exhaust system. If you do then make sure that the aftermarket system also has provision for the O2 sensor.
  7. Another good article here.

    On size vs sound, thinking it through, pipe diameter would have negligible effect on the exhaust note. Considering headers in isolation, narrow header diameter -> higher pressure -> louder sound, but pitch is a function of pulses per second and header diameter won't change that.

    After the headers, the frequency spectrum of sound is modified by the interaction between pulses where the header pipes join together and in mufflers or resonators. High frequencies are absorbed or cancel out, leaving only deep frequencies.

    Tldr; pipe diameter has negligible effect, the exhaust note is determined by pipe configuration and muffler.
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  8. Ok so basically replacing the headers and re-tuning would give a slight torque sacrifice down low but open up the top end. This MUST be with a tune or you are essentially just guessing and it could actually sacrifice exhaust efficiency. Good for racing but not so good for street I guess.

    Changing the muffler to a slip on will give better sound than standard because it will still dull the high frequencies but not restrict low frequencies. The whole sound thing has nothing to do with shape or size, only the way the pipe restricts the flow. So its all up to the manufacturers design on how they deal with the frequencies and how much they cut out.