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Exhaust Fumes Anyone?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fatjoez, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. Been riding motorbike to work 2 weeks now.
    Distance 6km, ride time 15minutes.

    In this short space of time,
    had mild asthma coming on & dry blood noses end of day.

    Suprised how effective the exhaust fumes are on the body.
    Can't imagine what effect a longer distance/ride would have,
    and how this affects you long term.

    For now I'm switching back to driving.
    Anyone else experienced this?
  2. Haven't had the symptoms, but you definitely get exposed to more of what's out in the air compared to in a car.

    Did read once about a study on cyclists and how they didn't seem to suffer from exposure to car exhausts. However sensitiveness or allergies can be radically different in an individual, so that doesn't mean you aren't affected. But given the time of year, can you rule out it isn't hay-fever/pollen reaction?
  3. Are you new to riding? I wonder if you are just not breathing well, due to nerves or concentration? I remember my visor used to fog up quite badly when I started out, which hasn't happened in years now.
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  4. Also put in a shot for 'new to riding'. I got it when starting riding and also again when I started my current job which has a lot of aircon units in the infrastructure and dries the air out chronically.

    You will most likely get used to it, and those super irritating dried cumbly bloody crusty noses will become a distant memory, enabling you to hone your ninja-like reflexes and wheelieing prowess.

    - boingk