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Exhaust Fumes! -- Any way to mitigate?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mugen86, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. Worst thing about riding in traffic is the exhaust from other cars -- esp the ones with custom/broken pipes...

    Is there any device to cancel out or mitigate the unpleasant smell/damage to lungs???

  2. As far as I know, no. Anything that will fit inside your helmet won't filter out fine particulate matter, and it is that which has has the worst impact upon your health. Filter to the front then keep ahead of the traffic.
  3. Not much you can do mugen.

    P3 mask, will deal with particulates.

    will deal with particulates and mostly deal with smell... :-k you know, it might work with an open faced helmet... I dare you!!!! Just be aware, each activated charcoal cartidge has about an 8 hr scrubbing life. :LOL:

    You make a valid point though, I often move out of the direct line of an exhaust pipe... In the future, hydrogen cars will emitt oxygen and water... wont that be nice. :)
  4. There is only a couple of ways to avoid breathing exhaust fumes in traffic.
    1- approaching an intersection : FILTER
    2 - in slow moving traffic, where you cannot filter : Dont Breate :p
    Other than that, you just put up with it. Unless someone has a better idea :-k
  5. Stop living in a capital city.
  6. filter to the front :D
  7. What you need is this:

    Just stick one up the exhaust pipe of every car when you're stopped at an intersection :LOL:.
  8. I think I have found the solution:


    It also seems to protect against cats and birds :D
  9. Suck em up. You have to condition your lungs to things like exhaust fumes. Take up smoking. That will also strengthen your lungs because they have to work harder.

    You'll thank me when your older and living a healthy life because your lungs are so strong from all the training you did when you were younger.

  10. Who was the comedian who poked fun at the ultra healthy, non smoking, low fat high fibre eating, daily exercising types by saying...

    "One day, you are all going to be soooo embarrassed, lying in a hospital, dying of nothing!"
  11. It was Redd Foxx:

  12. Taa mate. :)

    Collectively, NR knows EVERYTHING!!
  13. I love the sidebar to that

    Patient: will doing all that make me live longer?
    Doc: No, but it'll feel like it